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Found 12 results

  1. Does anyone have some experience in the (exact) workflow for making a projection on a building. I can make a 3D model of the building in 3D Max and eport this to .3ds or .obj I want to make all the animations in After Effects. And really would like to make some lightning effects (maybe in combination with Element 3D from videocopilot.net)?? 2 examples I want to get accomplished I have a building with pillars and would like to have a light travelling behind it so you get a nice play of shadows. I want the contours of the building animated (lines drawing the shape of the building) I know how to make the animations but how can I project this in the right way on the 3D model in Watchout? Some examples from internet:
  2. Hi everyone, Since the release of Watchout 6, I never had the chance to use it. I'm getting these errors once I try to online. { "date" : "2015-12-13", "time" : "12:25:24:291", "severity" : "error", "error" : { "kind" : "Network", "code" : -2146949311, "excuse" : "Command: secActivate; [Facility 32776]", "source" : "" } }, { "date" : "2015-12-13", "time" : "12:26:06:601", "severity" : "error", "error" : { "kind" : "Network", "code" : -2146949300, "excuse" : "[Facility 32776]", "source" : "" } }, { "date" : "2015-12-13", "time" : "12:26:06:601", "severity" : "error", "error" : { "kind" : "Network", "code" : -2146949300, "excuse" : "Command: writeShow; [Facility 32776]", "source" : "" } }, { "date" : "2015-12-13", "time" : "12:26:07:125", "severity" : "error", "error" : { "kind" : "Network", "code" : -2146949311, "excuse" : "Command: secActivate; [Facility 32776]", "source" : "" } }, { "date" : "2015-12-13", "time" : "12:28:40:337", "severity" : "error", "error" : { "kind" : "Network", "code" : -2146949311, "excuse" : "Command: secActivate; [Facility 32776]", "source" : "" } }, { "date" : "2015-12-13", "time" : "12:29:22:655", "severity" : "error", "error" : { "kind" : "Network", "code" : -2146949300, "excuse" : "[Facility 32776]", "source" : "" } }, { "date" : "2015-12-13", "time" : "12:29:22:655", "severity" : "error", "error" : { "kind" : "Network", "code" : -2146949300, "excuse" : "Command: writeShow; [Facility 32776]", "source" : "" } }, { "date" : "2015-12-13", "time" : "12:29:23:180", "severity" : "error", "error" : { "kind" : "Network", "code" : -2146949311, "excuse" : "Command: secActivate; [Facility 32776]", "source" : "" } }, { "date" : "2015-12-13", "time" : "12:29:30:150", "severity" : "error", "error" : { "kind" : "Authentication", "code" : 3, "excuse" : "Command: authenticate; Authentication failed;", "source" : "" } } this is my license ID im using: 2-2886779 and 2-2886889 and in the version is 5,6. I tried to use it on the same PC im using the watchout 5.5.2 without any issue. fresh windows 7 professional service pack 1, properly tweaked, and has windows update installed. Can someone please advise me on how to make it work. Thanks,
  3. Hi Everyone, I want to build a display PC for watchout v6. I'm wandering if dual xeon cpu will work. The specs are below: INTEL XEON E5-2687 2x SUPER MICRO X10-DAi RAM DDR4 16.0GB/2133 CRUCIAL ECC 4x 64GB TOTAL SSD 512GB SAMSUNG 850 PRO-7KE512BW RAID 0 SAPPHIRE FIREPRO W8100 RGB VISION E2S 2DVI RGB VISION SDI2 Any thoughts on this? please advise. thanks in advance., Edgar Pulido
  4. Hi, Is it possible to use the CueMix FX software that comes with the MOTU 828x in order to have control of EQ, FX etc on each separate track of a multichannel output, WATCHOUT v6? Cheers, Torben
  5. Hello all, I am using Watchout 6 on a project that has 4 Projectors. 2 for a curved wall in back and 2 for the floor and a platform that tracks up and downstage. The project is set-up to use an .OBJ for the curved wall as well as the floor and tracking platform. Each of these is then textured with a virtual display. With almost every cue we take that includes the curved back wall an error is thrown "Recursive use of virtual displays may yield unexpected results: Projector SL" What is the cause of this and how can it be avoided?
  6. Greetings! How do i play 3 video simultaneously on 3 displays (each video on each side of installation). On timeline there are on same position. It plays not in the same time but with small delay. I try to use Pre-Roll function up to 1 sec but it doesn't help so much. The problem: https://youtu.be/0HupiOCuyLc WatchOUT ver. 6.0.2 Video files: - mp4, AVC/H.264, 1920x1088, 23fps Server: - i7-920, 2.67 GHz - 12 Gb DDR3 - SSD Samsung 850 Pro - AMD FirePro V7900 - Windows 7 x64
  7. Hi all, Whenever I do a search inside of the media panel for a composition name all my displays flash to black as if it is updating. Why would it be doing this? It does not flash when I search for media files, just compositions which have only one video and a still PNG. This only happens with live update on. I've even seen it flash to black just when I open a composition. I am using Watchout 6 but have not updated to the newest version of Watchout yet. Let me know if there is anything I can do to fix this. Thanks, Tim
  8. I'm trying to loop a prores movie in WO6, but it doesn't work. Free running is no problem but as soon as I turn on the loop button I'll get a message and it will not play. Any suggestions. Greetings Arjen
  9. We have discovered an issue playing back some content. After running a show for a while, some of the media renders as green on both the Display computers and the Production computer in Stage preview. Once this begins on one piece of media, it starts to occur on others as well. A reboot of the computers resolves the issue, but it is not consistent on the amount of time after which it occurs. All of the media being used is either HapQ or Hap Alpha. Resolutions are 1920 x 1080. During the moment that the problem happens, there are 6 layers of video running. This is an issue that we have seen before with h.264 files, but not yet with Hap. Do you have any suggestions? Thanks, Michael
  10. Hi fellows, I have big trouble with Image Sequences consisting of TIFF files @ HD1080/50fps without compression, within WATCHOUT 6. The playback of the video proxy container is stuttering from time to time. Some runs are smooth, some not, regardless of the playback mode (native, loop, free run + loop). As I see, it does not matter, if Frame Blending is active or not. The project and the display engine are set to 50 Hz, just for the record. My Hardware specs: OS: MS Windows 7 Professional 64 bit (tweaked by dataton's tweaking doc) MB: ASUS X99-E WS CPU: Intel i7-5960X GPU: AMD FirePro W7100 RAM: 16 GB; QuadChan SSD OS: 1 x Plextor PX-G256M6e M.2 2280 SSD @ 256 GB SSD WO: 1 x Intel PCI-E NVME SSD 750 @ 400 GB SSD Stuff: 2 x Samsung SSD 850 Pro (1 TB) @ 1 TB/RAID 1 The Intel 750 SSD-Board is serving up to 2,1 GB/s for reading files. So it should not be a problem of slow data handling. It may handle one Image Sequence @ HD1080/50fps with ease, in theory. The CPU is having 8 cores @ 3 GHz, should be way enough. Do you have any suggestion regarding this issue? I appreciate any advice. Best regards and thanks in advance, nic
  11. Hi, Just a heads-up that Videmus, the Dataton Premium Partner in France, will be demonstrating the new features in WATCHOUT version 6‬ in Paris tomorrow, June 10. For more info, please contact Videmus!
  12. Love the smell of Watchout 6 in the morning! It's with absolute joy that I read about the amazing new features of Watchout 6, 3D and Live editing. HO YEAH! I'm very excited about it. Due to work i was not able to be at ISE this year. I would like to know if its schedule any live feed of the demo from the Watchout stand or if it's going to be uploaded any content of the preview to the web. Either way I would like to ask to all of does that are at ISE to share their picture, videos and feedback to the rest of us that couldn't be there. Thank you all and great work Watchout team!. Sincerely, Bruno Dias
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