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Found 13 results

  1. I am having this issue from 2 weeks ago. My setup consists on a production computer and a display computer connected to 4 screens that make a rectangular display wall. Both are running WO 6.1.6. What is happening is that, randomly, the last screen of the series connected to the Display computer is missaligning, the image starts drawing like 10 lines lower than the rest. In the production computer everything seems fine and there are no chages. There have been no updates or new software installed in any of the computers. This problem randomly appears and dissapears without any sign or warning. Any clues on what could be happening?
  2. Hi, I looked for solutions before post. I'm Learning how watchnet works using the watchnet guide. I'm stuck with the "Configured watchout production computers" setting into the "Subsystem" section. Goal: Use the production to drive the project using at the same time watchnet to control some tasks and sliders. Setup: 1 production + watchnet (Acer Laptop) 1 display (watchPax 4) WO version 6.4.1 both WN version 1.4 I programmed a simple WO project with 3 Tasks and a WN to control one of these tasks. Everything works fine. When I try to use the production and the WN at the same time the production takes full controll. I tried to setup the production computer into the WN "Configured watchout production computers" setting, but it doesn't find any production adress. Forcing it manually an error popup when I try to push it Online. I don't understand what I'm doing wrong.
  3. Hi- I am a video projection designer for theatre and I am hoping for some advice on which laptop to buy that I can install Watchout on to pre-program my shows from home. I need a laptop powerful enough to previz my programming before I walk into the theatre, but I do not need it to run a show. The laptop I want to buy I also plan on using as an editing computer for Adobe After Effects, Premiere, and some 3-D modeling. A Dell XPS-15 is one of the laptops that I am considering that fits all my specs for an editing laptop, but will it work for programming Watchout? Here are the specs: 15. 6" 4K UHD (3840 x 2160) InfinityEdge anti-reflective touch IPS 100% a do be RGB 500-nits Display 9th Generation Intel Core i7-9750h (12MB Cache, up to 4. 5 GHz, 6 Cores) 16GB DDR4-2666MHz, 2x8G 1TB PCIe SSD Nvidia GeForce GTX 1650 4GB GDDR5 System Ram Type: Ddr4 Sdram Any red flags here with these specs and is there anything else I need to program with Watchout that this laptop doesn't provide. Thank you in advance for any help provided.
  4. Hi Everyone! Just a heads-up that we have rolled out a pretty special offer on WATCHOUT 6 upgrades and licenses this week 😀 For more info please take a look at: www.dataton.com/offers or if you are in North America: www.dataton.com/us/offers Stay safe, Jacquie
  5. does any one used keynote presentation with watch out, specifically 7680x1024 resolution.. i want to know if i am using data-path capture card can it be possible to get the exact resolution without downgrading presentation quality etc.
  6. Hey all, trying to do some testing for an installation project utilizing (8)Watchout Display servers.... eventually, a crestron control system will manage and trigger WO Timelines etc...targeting different display clusters. Right now, i'm trying to test by controlling a production computer from another PC via a network and telnet on the PC (i.e, Production version of WO is not on same PC as telnet commands) everything is working great, so far. One question though: There will be certain Cues that i've made that i need to jump to a new time position and play the timeline. Is there way to send a ' gotoControlCue' command , and a 'Run' command simultaneously in telnet to the Watchout PC? Thanks for any advice!
  7. Having issues mapping textures to 3D objects in Watchout 6. Not sure of the exact workflow hear, but I can't seem to UV map the textures properly on objects. I think I'm missing a step. I've watch all the videos I can find regarding this. But nothing demonstrates a solution. Does anyone here know how to do this? What 3D applications are you guys using? I'm using Maxon Cinema4D - Broadcast R16.
  8. I am new to using Watchout6 and today I have encountered the same issue twice. On both occasions my control computer notified me that connection the display computer had been lost. My projection went form my Watchout image, to the windows screen. After checking and re-checking all connections to no avail, I was forced to shut off my display computer manually. Upon restarting everything was ok and connection was re established. Has this issue happened to anyone before? I can only assume its either one of my ethernet cables or the license keys? It has not happened before today, and has not happened in the last two hours. hoping for a clean show.
  9. Hi Everyone, Dubai, UAE, is the next stop for our popular WATCHOUT Academy! Our expert team will be holding two free Overview sessions on August 4 and 5 at the Dubai World Trade Centre. The Overview is an afternoon session suitable for anyone in the AV industry who'd like to learn more about WATCHOUT or get new ideas on using WATCHOUT! The class is held in English by key members of the WATCHOUT team from Dataton. Sign up now to ensure your place at the WATCHOUT Academy! More info and register for the Overview session, August 4 More info and register for Overview session, August 5 Regards, Jacquie
  10. Hi Everyone, Just a heads up that you can see WATCHOUT in action at Mediatech Africa in Johannesburg this week (stand B45) and in Bangkok at AVL+M Thailand next week (stand C05a)! We're represented in Johannesburg by premium partner Penmac AV and in Bangkok by premium partner Audio Visual Technique. Welcome! Check out all our upcoming events here: www.dataton.com/events
  11. Hi Everyone, Just a few days until PALM Expo India kicks off at the Bombay Exhibition Center, Goregaon East, Mumbai, May 28 to 30, We'll be there with partners Modern Stage Service, stand J36, so come on down and check out new WATCHOUT version 6 in all its glory! Regards, Jacquie PS: Keep up-to-date on all our events: www.dataton.com/events
  12. Hi Everyone, The WATCHOUT Academy is coming to Istanbul, Turkey! We're hosting a free Academy Overview session on June 30 followed by a paid Academy Certified session on July 1. The location is Windowist conference center in Istanbul, Turkey, and the Academy is run by key members of the WATCHOUT team from Dataton and Pikselon, the Dataton Premium Partner in Turkey. More info about the Overview session, June 30 More info about the Certified session, July 1 More info in Turkish! Regards, Jacquie
  13. Check out Dataton at Prolight + Sound, Frankfurt. We'll be there with premium partners Mediaservice Rainer Beddig, Germany, and MOOV, Poland. Hall 9.0, stand C48. April 15-18. Willkommen! For more info on all our upcoming events worldwide: www.dataton.com/events
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