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Found 2 results

  1. Watchpax2-Wiretag audio synchronization Hi to all, I'm trying to sync audio translation on pickup over wiretag connected to watchpax2 with movie that runs on the main timeline, but wiretag behaves like a normal microtag. Audio track on pickup always starts from the beginning and is not in sync with main timeline. I put audio translation in aux timeline "1030", export it and transfer to pickup with album name "1030". Then delete audio from the aux timeline and made a cue on the main timeline that starts "1030" timeline. Wiretag has ID:1030. Wiretag triggers right audio on pickup but from the beginning not in sync with main timeline, aux timeline is running. Watchout 6 system. Did I miss something?? In next project I have 2 watchpax2 and 4 wiretags connected to it, goal is to have audio translation on 5 languages synced with show. It is a large room and idea is to have this 4 wiretags for coverage. Is it possible to use them with same ID to cover room with IR signal? best regards davor
  2. Hi! Pretty crowded at the stand when we showed WATCHPAX for the first time. Second and third Images show the new WIRETAG and WATCHPAX below a display. Here is more about WATCHPAX. And WIRETAG. Regards Jan
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