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Found 3 results

  1. Hi all, I remember in the past there were a way to hide desired AuxTimelines for the WO Remote. I remember was using any special character at the beginning of the AuxTimeline name. Is it still working? And which was this character? Thank you
  2. So, I'm using an iPad Retina display 1st gen, and I have iOS 7.1.1 on it. I'm on the same wireless network that is connected to my switch, router, and machines, and all the IP's are in the same subnet and the same IP scheme 192.168.100.xxx. I open the WORemote app from my home screen and type the address of my production machine in, and then the Connect button lights up, but when I touch it nothing happens. I can't connect at all to my WatchOut Production Machine. Any ideas? I'm at a show where I can't actually see my displays from where my Production is set up, and for testing purposes it would be nice to be in front of the displays instead of behind the scenes and seeing only my Stage window show me what it thinks the Display machines are doing. Thanks In Advance!
  3. Hi Everybody, i test woremote with my macbookpro by wireless and it work fine BUT when i test it with my iphone i have this message "index.html error.connection failed" Do you have any idea ? WO VERSION 4.2.2 windows xp Thanks
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