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Found 4 results

  1. Hello all Is there a way to have another instance of VNC on the production Computer where in one could witness the time line on a different computer than the Production computer. IN our circumstance the production computer is located far away in the venue contacted to a large midi and dmx network of various devices. and i what to sit closer to my screens to make adjustments. Watchout already uses VNC internally from production to display so would another instance of VNC cause problems? Ben Chaisson Playground Studios
  2. Weird issue. I have a show with 20 ish layers. In my layer 5/6 I am having an issue where the media that is in it is not showing now in that layer or on stage except when I zoom way out then I can see it but can effect it. Layer is not locked or set differently than any of my other layers. Any suggestions?
  3. Hi, I’m working with watchout 5.5.1. and I have the problem that while I’m fading movies in and out my display engines (I’m working with four devices and each one with one output) crash in different intervals. I tested my show with a different setup and it works, so I suppose that it has something to do with my hardware, but i can’t pinpoint it. Does anyone of you encounter a problem like this bevore? Or do you have any possible solutions? Thanks a lot Svenja
  4. Dataton Support, We are experiencing issues with Dynamic Image Server 5.5 (as packaged with Watchout 5.5.1). When adding a dynamic image to the production computer, the production computer reports the following error: From Dynamic Image "<media name>" of Media List, <timestamp> Error: Server Timeout In addition to receiving this error message, the requested image blinks in the Dynamic Image Server window. The file requested is jpg format. System Specifications: Windows 7 64-Bit Enterprise, Service Pack 1 Intel i5-3570k (Image Server) Intel i7-3770k (Production and Display Com
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