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Found 2 results

  1. Hi All We have a fixed installation at a museum. We are using Watchout 6.2 for geometric mapping onto a 3d-model in Watchout. The setup uses 3 projectors with overlap, projecting on a physical structure. Usually this works fine, but more than 5 times now over 1 year, we have experienced that Watchout looses its mapping, and from that point on the mapping is not correct, and wan't be correct before we adjust again with the production software. When the mapping is offset, we tried adjusting the projectors to see if the problem could be them moving, but the mapping is offset in a way that projector adjustments would not be able to solve, and therefor not a physical problem, but more likely a software-problem. The installation shuts off each evening and turns on each morning. The Watchout show is startet and shut down from a control-system (Medialon). Does anyone have similar experiences with a fixed installation using the 3d-mapping features? Best regards Kasper
  2. Hello all. I'm a newbie here so I apologise if this question has an obvious answer or has already been answered in a different thread. I've looked at the tutorials on the Watchout website and I still cannot answer my question. So.... Is it possible to map multiple objects individually or would they all need to be in the same 3D model. For example if I had an object centre stage, one stage left and one stage right. Could I then reposition these objects and realign the maps accordingly. Again, apologies if this is obvious. I'm trying to workout if Watchout would be right for my projects. Many thanks James
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