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Found 2 results

  1. Hi, I got a weird problem with my logo animation composition for a 6 projector 360° show. My complete show has 10080 x 1080 pixels, I've created a 5040 x 1080 pixel composition to use it for each half of the show. When I move the second composition to the second half the elements in the compostion move to wrong positions (e.g. to far to the left). I guess it is some kind of bad translation calculation, because if I move move the compostion more far to the right the effect gets stronger. Any solutions?
  2. I have a number of images on stage with "More Effects and Capabilities" selected. I've also defined a few "Generic Input" to be used for tweening the properties of the images, such as (the variable names speak for themselves but I'll just add a short description of each): RotationY : for Rotation Y tween property ScaleX, ScaleY : for adjusting the X and Y of Scale property X, Y, Z : for adjusting the X, Y and Z position of the image Here's a screenshot of my stage: What I am trying to achieve is to be able to make the images flick to the left or right using external TCP control, using "setInput" command to be precise. So far, I am able to open up a socket and set the input variables from external program. Here's a short animation of what I am trying to achieve : https://s3.amazonaws.com/e-static/index.html What I am wondering and would like to know (from users who has done this before) is: 1. Is it possible make the image perspective tween from normal horizontal facing to diagonal facing with farther side shorter than the nearer side? 2. I am able to setInput from external program but I noticed a considerable delay that when WO is accepting multiple commands, it seems to add the commands to the a queue and parse them one by one. If the commands being sent is to animate the position and Rotation, then I suppose the queue would be long and the animation effect would be slow and abrupt. Consider this block of code that set the X position of the image: String command = ""; for (float i = 0; i <= 1; i += 0.05) { command += "setInput X " + i + "\n"; } myClient.write(command); myClient.write("setInput X 1\n"); Is there a way to improve this? 3. Are there any similar alternative to what I am trying to achieve? Thank you. Eddy
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