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Found 3 results

  1. Hi all, I have some Watchpax 40s with attached Focusrite Scarletts. The Watchout display machines are VERY sensitive to changes surrounding the audio interfaces, to the point that a restart of the computer can cause the Watchout machine to "lose" the interface attached to it. I can eventually VLC into the machine and return it to the correct audio adapter, but this is a somewhat invasive process for an installation running without a production computer. Does anyone know of any means to "lock" the audio interface in much the same way I do with my EDID settings, restoring the device upon discovery? Or does anyone have any tricks that might help? Thanks!
  2. Hi Braintrust, I have been trying to send LTC from a Watchpax 60 on an audio track to play a large number of discrete audio files using a pre-recorded SMPTE file. When I do, the file plays "dirty"; I get a lot of dropped frames, and the equipment I am trying to sync (Q-SYS) stutters. I was using an attached Scarlett 820i, but bypassed it for default audio output as a test; no change in result. The audio line is running direct from Watchout to an IO frame with no other equipment in line. I've tried multiple SMPTE files from multiple sources; all have the same problem, and all of them work when I play directly from another source. I'm making heavy use of asynchronous playback through auxiliary timelines, so syncing Watchout to Q-SYS or an alternative SMPTE source isn't going to work in my situation. The file, Watchout, and Q-SYS are all set to 48k. Is there some larger issue getting SMPTE to output from Watchout, or some trick to it I should be aware of? Thanks!
  3. Hi All, I am working on a project and there is a discussion about having a live stream of the video and audio content. I am currently thinking that I would take another display output and capture that at the streaming computer. I am curious if I can pass audio from WO through the Video Card output that is captured by the streaming computer? I think this would be the simplest way for sync of image and audio? Maybe there is a better way to accomplish this? Any thoughts or advise is appreciated. Thanks!
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