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Found 2 results

  1. Hi Braintrust, I have been trying to send LTC from a Watchpax 60 on an audio track to play a large number of discrete audio files using a pre-recorded SMPTE file. When I do, the file plays "dirty"; I get a lot of dropped frames, and the equipment I am trying to sync (Q-SYS) stutters. I was using an attached Scarlett 820i, but bypassed it for default audio output as a test; no change in result. The audio line is running direct from Watchout to an IO frame with no other equipment in line. I've tried multiple SMPTE files from multiple sources; all have the same problem, and all of them work when I play directly from another source. I'm making heavy use of asynchronous playback through auxiliary timelines, so syncing Watchout to Q-SYS or an alternative SMPTE source isn't going to work in my situation. The file, Watchout, and Q-SYS are all set to 48k. Is there some larger issue getting SMPTE to output from Watchout, or some trick to it I should be aware of? Thanks!
  2. Hello, First off, we just had our first WO6 show. We had a 22144 x 1080 content template split into 5 segments and played it all back in HapQ… Worked great! I’m having some trouble with audio and virtual displays in Watchout 6. Issue 1: If you have a wav file playing on a virtual display, but you’re not using that virtual display in a timeline, it does not play on any display computer. That seems normal. If you have a virtual display coming up in the timeline with audio already playing in it, it starts to play on that display exactly 3 seconds before the time indicator actually reaches the virtual display cue container…. That seems like some sort of pre-roll bug. After the time indicator leaves the virtual display, it will continue to play audio until the timeline pauses. I would think that it should start playing right when you enter that virtual display on the timeline, and end when you leave. Please see the Watchout file showing this problem here. Keep in mind you will need a display computer w/ an audio output to property recreate the issue. https://www.dropbox.com/sh/96zfqq9bmckv410/AADomnoBCfugB0tPU70xE0WRa?dl=0 Just playing the WAV routed directly to the display would fix my problem here, but it’s still just odd, and the current behavior seems like a bug. Issue 2: This one is a more serious When Playing a WAV file with a video in an Aux timeline, AND thought a virtual display, it does not playback in sync. If you place the WAV in the actual output display, rather then the virtual display, it works fine. If you route the audio directly to the display audio output, it works fine. If you play it off of the main timeline, it plays back in sync. In the above watchout show file I have an example of this as well on the only AUX timeline. I set it to route back and forth between two wavs, one placed on the display, and one on the virtual display. At first it plays both of them at 50%, and then it pans between the two. You can also use input “A” to pan between the two yourself. When it’s playing them at the same time you can tell that they are about 200ms off from each other. Sometime it plays back fine, and most of the time it doesn’t, if you are unable to recreate it, try toggling offline, and back online, then try again. Why am I getting this delay? Should I be worried about using virtual displays? Why is it present on AUX timelines, and not not the main? Thank you, Alex
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