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  1. Hi Braintrust, I have been trying to send LTC from a Watchpax 60 on an audio track to play a large number of discrete audio files using a pre-recorded SMPTE file. When I do, the file plays "dirty"; I get a lot of dropped frames, and the equipment I am trying to sync (Q-SYS) stutters. I was using an attached Scarlett 820i, but bypassed it for default audio output as a test; no change in result. The audio line is running direct from Watchout to an IO frame with no other equipment in line. I've tried multiple SMPTE files from multiple sources; all have the same problem, and all of them work when I play directly from another source. I'm making heavy use of asynchronous playback through auxiliary timelines, so syncing Watchout to Q-SYS or an alternative SMPTE source isn't going to work in my situation. The file, Watchout, and Q-SYS are all set to 48k. Is there some larger issue getting SMPTE to output from Watchout, or some trick to it I should be aware of? Thanks!
  2. Hi, Can’t get the focusrite scarlet 4i4 to work properly on my watch pax 60 servers. I get audio. But when I stop the timeline there is a digital break sound, and if I have free run on. It stops the audio. ( all files are correct) and it works fine with scarlet 1i1 2-gen. I can’t find any info if it should work, except the scarlet 18i20 install guide. My guess is that it uses the same driver?
  3. Hello, I have a presonus 1824c audio card and i don't find the way to set the outputs. No metter which channel i assign in watchout, the audio plays from all the card outputs. Anyone have worked with this card before and have any idea how to config? Thanks!!!
  4. Hi All, I am working on a project and there is a discussion about having a live stream of the video and audio content. I am currently thinking that I would take another display output and capture that at the streaming computer. I am curious if I can pass audio from WO through the Video Card output that is captured by the streaming computer? I think this would be the simplest way for sync of image and audio? Maybe there is a better way to accomplish this? Any thoughts or advise is appreciated. Thanks!
  5. We're installing three Watchpax 4 for a permanent install, and we want to achieve 4 channel surround output from the playback. Preferably over Dante, but we have analog inputs to spare. Is there any multi-channel USB soundcard that's more or less officially recommended? I guess it's impossible/not recommended to install drivers (or Dante Virtual Soundcard) on the Watchpax units? Is it possible to use multiple 2-channel soundcards? Is it possible to output different audio channels on each machine? Thanks!
  6. Hi, we are running WO 6.4.1 on Win7 and just installed a RME UC. It is synced to 48 kHz wordclock, we use the spdif (coax) output. Audio is played out from the production PC via ASIO at 48 kHz. Everytime a show gets opened, WO jumps back to 44.1 kHz. To get it on 48 again you have to choose a higher sample rate (96, 192) first and then 48 for it to be set properly. It is not possible to go from 44.1 directly to 48 kHz. Although it shows 48 in WO, in RME's specifications it is still getting 44.1 from WO. Anyone had similar issues? Maybe it's the ASIO driver? Is there a recommended driver? ASIO4all perhaps? Another thing: The audio setup is saved globally, which is interesting, since it is the only thing to be saved globally, and not only in the show. Seems like a bug to me...
  7. Hi Guys Will Watchout ever support audio inputs via NDI? It would make my life super easy, thanks in advance
  8. Hello, I find a bug of 6.3.1. it 's happed like this. I have a audio track wav file, it is free running and loop , and a pic fade out and pause cue between this audio track. when my pause cue just at the end of pic cue, the audio will pause too. if i just shift the pause cue a frame before or later. the audio will not pause. hope this useful for others thanks Du
  9. Hello I am experiencing a strange behaviour on watchpax 20s. I have 2 (main and back up) feeding a 4K wide LED wall and Audio is playing from the watchpax 20. Its for a large Trade show Booth where the show runs all day for weeks. We do have a Production computer still connected rather than leave the watchpaxes in a standalone mode. (this also allows us to make changes and updates if necessary) After an undefinable amount of time the video sequences loop but audio drops. Meaning no audio is coming out. A restart fixes this issue but the point of using the watchpaxes was that we hoped it would run all day everyday. All videos are separated from their audio track and they are in sync. Any thoughts Ben
  10. I just had an opportunity to use some Dante AVIO USB Adapters. They are an outstanding plug-n-play audio solution. I'm seeing more and more audio professionals in the live event and permanent installs using Dante. With these dongles, you don't have to mess with nic card issues or load software or drivers. They have a small form factor, simple plug-n-play and WATCHOUT sees them as a Dante USB Transmit(Dante USB I/O Module) [WASAPI]. They are limited to two channels for each USB dongle. If you need more Dante audio channels then the USB to Rj45 converter is the way to go, but that requires more tweaking to get it going. They are running around $100 US and are a bit of a wait due to the high demand. https://www.markertek.com/product/adn-adpusb-au2x2/audinate-adp-usb-au-2x2-dante-avio-usb-io-adapter-2x2 Totally worth having these in your kit.
  11. Hi guys, I had a problem with the playback audio. I listen during the playback a little random flanger on Left/Right channel. It's always random on time (sometimes really short, like a flanger, sometimes longer like a delay. Sometimes i can see on my Motu 828 mk2 (Fireware) the difference on the meter on the audio interface. It's always random, sometimes happen sometimes doesn't. I play Video (in MPeg4, h264) and audio (AIFF 48Khz, WAV 48 Khz, doesn't metter the extension, that problem happen in both of audio). My set up is: Win7 (display) WO 6.1.4 Win10 (production) WO 6.1.4 Motu 828 mk2 Fireware on production. Thx
  12. Hello there, I'm going to load-in a show tomorrow and have a question about audio. Since I've never done audio with Watchout before, I think it would be wise to ask the forum for some guidance before I run into trouble. There are a couple of .mov files that have audio embedded in them. The audios are expected to be played with the video in WO. We've rented a USB-DI(http://www.blackdogaudio.net/) and will be connected to sound system through XLR. Shall I connect the DI box to display computer or production computer? Are there any patches I need to do in Windows or WO? We are using Watchout 6. Any help is greatly appreciated. Thanks, C
  13. Hello, I found a problem with the audio in the new version 6.1.2 .. Small clicks are heard on the channel output pairs (2,4,6 and 8) of the Display. They are very mild but when you amplify the outputs are heard. Has anyone encountered this problem? I returned to version 6.1.1 and the problem disappears. I hope your comments. A greeting.
  14. Can I play a 16 ch audio file in Watch Out 6 with only 1 player ? Which audio card do you recommend? Thank You in advance.
  15. Hi, I have tried to install the Dante Virtual sound card on a WO display computer in April 2012. The display computer had 2 physical ethernet ports on the motherboard. One was used with a separate gigabit switch for the Watchout network exclusivly, the other one was used with a different gigabit switch for Dante. WO IPs were 192.168.x.y Dante IPs were 169.254.x.y (thats what they default to, its a feature not a missing DHCP). Subnet mask on both interfaces was class b or c / 255.255.0/255.0. So from a networking standpoint all WO traffic should have been routed to interface 1, and all Dante traffic should have been routed to interface 2. For some reason at the time (I didn't had the time to investigate further) as soon as Dante was activated the display computers would not play in sync any more and there were occasional dropouts in the communication. We then went back to a RME Fireface to playout the multichannel audio. As Dante is now more common in the industry and multi channel application happen day to day with WO I was wondering if there are any plans to extend the support of Dante networking? In this thread I already found a tool to assign Mono or Stereo files to specific output tracks, which is a good starting point to make the handling of multi channel audio files in the WO interface much easier ( http://forum.dataton.com/topic/2-is-there-a-possibility-of-multi-tracking-and-outputting-within-the-watchout/ ). Has anybody tested the Virtual sound card with WO and found similar issues? Wouldn't it be great if one could from within Watchout assign input and outputs channel to and from Dante? More about Virtual sound card: http://www.audinate.com/index.php?option=com_content&view=article&id=235 Thanks Tobi
  16. Hello, I am preparing new instalation where should be possibility of live input from notebook - hdmi. So I have few questions about this topic: Which capture card do you recommend for the lowest delay? Can be also audio "routed" through Media / live video cue? I mean: Notebook hdmi out - Watchout machine capture card hdmi in (watchmaker live video cue) - watchout machine audio out. Or do I have to have separate audio cable from notebook? Is it possible to use live video cue (input from capture card) without watchmaker - with system controled by watchnet? Thank you for answers. Jakub
  17. Hello! I am new to Watchout, so please bare with me if i missed the answer to my questions in other posts. I use Watchout 6 with Windows 7. I have inherited a production with over 1500 cues. The project came on a USB stick, when i loaded it, it started to send error messages. On some production computers it will not load one specific folder with video files. The error is: Operating system error: Unspecified error; Cant read media file It will playback audio from video files and .caf files, but it sends this message when playing mp3: Operating system error: the owner SID on a per-user subscription doesn't exist; DirectShow media error And for wav, aiff,... This: rendering error: Not implemented; Not implemented I have turned of the media center and so on, and i set for all the files to open with Media player, but no luck. Any ideas? Best, Gregor
  18. Hello, First off, we just had our first WO6 show. We had a 22144 x 1080 content template split into 5 segments and played it all back in HapQ… Worked great! I’m having some trouble with audio and virtual displays in Watchout 6. Issue 1: If you have a wav file playing on a virtual display, but you’re not using that virtual display in a timeline, it does not play on any display computer. That seems normal. If you have a virtual display coming up in the timeline with audio already playing in it, it starts to play on that display exactly 3 seconds before the time indicator actually reaches the virtual display cue container…. That seems like some sort of pre-roll bug. After the time indicator leaves the virtual display, it will continue to play audio until the timeline pauses. I would think that it should start playing right when you enter that virtual display on the timeline, and end when you leave. Please see the Watchout file showing this problem here. Keep in mind you will need a display computer w/ an audio output to property recreate the issue. https://www.dropbox.com/sh/96zfqq9bmckv410/AADomnoBCfugB0tPU70xE0WRa?dl=0 Just playing the WAV routed directly to the display would fix my problem here, but it’s still just odd, and the current behavior seems like a bug. Issue 2: This one is a more serious When Playing a WAV file with a video in an Aux timeline, AND thought a virtual display, it does not playback in sync. If you place the WAV in the actual output display, rather then the virtual display, it works fine. If you route the audio directly to the display audio output, it works fine. If you play it off of the main timeline, it plays back in sync. In the above watchout show file I have an example of this as well on the only AUX timeline. I set it to route back and forth between two wavs, one placed on the display, and one on the virtual display. At first it plays both of them at 50%, and then it pans between the two. You can also use input “A” to pan between the two yourself. When it’s playing them at the same time you can tell that they are about 200ms off from each other. Sometime it plays back fine, and most of the time it doesn’t, if you are unable to recreate it, try toggling offline, and back online, then try again. Why am I getting this delay? Should I be worried about using virtual displays? Why is it present on AUX timelines, and not not the main? Thank you, Alex
  19. We are playing back a wav file in the middle of a somewhat complicated show. Playback is fine throughout the show, but we sometimes have a hang on the production computer when it hits an audio cue. The display machines continue to free run, but it take a second or two for the Production computer to catch up. Checking the Windows Event Log, it seems like the notification "Multimedia Class Scheduler entered the running state" is correlated to the short hangs. Has anyone seen this? We are on version 5.5.2. Thanks Dan Scully
  20. We have a Dell R7610 with (1) K5000 video card running Watchout v5.5 feeding 4 edge-blended SXGA+ Christies. The challenge is in determining a hardware configuration from this single PC that will output true 7.1 audio through a Crestron PSP-HD processor. The issue isn't file formats but rather hardware compatible with Watchout that also outputs true 7.1. Does anyone know if it's possible for Watchout to utilize Nvidia's audio driver (which supports true 7.1) which in turn would allow us to de-embed the audio from the HDMI signal? Thanks, Trent Hays downstream trent.hays@downstream.com www.downstream.com 503.226.1944
  21. Running into a very strange problem with wav files in a simple Watchout project. I have 3 HD video files running on 3 monitors and one 5.1 wav file. When I add the wav file to the project and go online, watchout transfers the file, but I get a red X on the production stage screens. Sometimes I get "Display computer disappeared" in the message window, but not always. I have tried to resample the file with Adobe Audition to 5.1 16bit 44100 ; 5.1 16bit 48000 ; stereo and the original 5.1 24bit 48000. All fail. If I remove the wav file everything works. The player log show the following: { "date" : "2014-12-12", "time" : "12:46:20:426", "severity" : "information", "message" : "WATCHPOINT exited abnormally (code 3221225477), restarting" } Do I have to do anything special to use wav files? I have used them extensively before without problems.
  22. Hello, i'm having troubles running Wav Extended 5.1 in watchout using optical audio cable. When i play it the first frame makes a pop noise. Any idea whats wrong. I already checked the audio card and updated the firmware. Thank you.
  23. Working on putting out some fires, wondering if anyone's got experience capturing audio from the Intensity Pro HDMI capture cards. I don't have a way to test myself right now, just trying to orchestrate a backup and can't find info on this. Thanks!
  24. As of recently my system has stopped playing multichannel audio files. I have been using the standard Pro-Tools / Audacity software to create files and then move tracks into the correct channels. I decided to mess with this tonight as I have a show loading in tomorrow. By taking my files from Audacity, and running them through the Dataton "Channel Shifter" software…it fixed my problem. Due to the way the channel shifter software works, you may have to assign your audio to various channels to allow it to save out, but then I brought it back in to channel shifter and re-assigned the audio the correct tracks….and Finally! Very weird….not sure why Watchout isn't happy with Audacity…. But at least I have mutichannel Audio back!
  25. I need to find the best way to allow Protools to sync up with a 8-screen Watchout show to allow for live audio-mixing in the theater. The audio is specific to the screens at times and is full surround at other times. 1. Protools can generate TC. How would I feed this to allow Watchout to chase the Timecode? 2. What framerate should Protools be set to? The original timeline was 23.98. The mpegs inside Watchout are 29.97. Watchout plays 60. How should the Protools be set up? Has anyone out there done this?
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