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Found 4 results

  1. hi dear I want to make the show run automatically. I registered it in the Windows Startup Program and checked until Watchout appeared. But I wonder if it will be possible to play right here. Assuming there is no operator. I looked through the manual countless times and couldn't figure out where to put the parameter variable. Of course, if the time code is received from the outside, it will be executed immediately. But I would like to know if it is possible to run it alone. thanks regards
  2. hi dear Make watchout play whenever windows starts Can you set it up? and what i want is watchout I want it to play as soon as the window is launched. and the play continues I want to use a function that turns off at a set time. We turn on the power at 9 o'clock and at the same time the watchout run window appears. It was possible until it opened. But not play. I wonder how to make it play automatically. thanks regards
  3. I guess I'm missing something. Whenever I use the -NoLogo flag on watchpoint.exe the autostart.txt is not running. Can't this be used together ?
  4. Hi, I'm not sure how to use Autostart.txt when running WATCHOUT on two (or more computers) in the same cluster and I also run WATCHNET on a separate computer. I'm currently running WO 6.0.2 and WN 1.1. Should I have the same autostart.txt in the all WATCHOUT computers in the same cluster? authenticate 1 setLogoString "The show will begin shortly..." delay 5000 load "MyShow" wait run I'm only using "setLogoString" to show that the autostart.txt is loaded and used. The reason I'm asking, is that I sometime have problem to get WATCHNET to work, I guess it's depending on in which order I start the computers. And I haven't found any information in the forum, when it comes to running on several computers. Any help is appreciated!
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