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Found 1 result

  1. We've been having issues with Art-net coming from Watchout going to our projectors. It started when we had two projectors on different universes. We were advised that we should consolidate them to a single universe due to some issues with how Watchout handles Art-net output. To make sure any potential issues were minimized, we addressed both projectors to Art-net Universe 1, Address 1. Later today, we had a failure on the main machine, so we switched to the backup. I tested DMX as soon as we switched, and it worked. A few minutes later, it did not. Once we got the main back up and running, we tested DMX, and got no response. We tried opening another showfile with a known working DMX output, and got no response from the projectors. We closed that show file and tried DMX again from our real showfile, and got no response from the projectors. I changed the output to Universe 1 Address 11, just in case I'd lost my mind and changed the addresses without realizing it. The projectors obviously didn't respond. I changed the address back to 1-1. It started working again. After that, we came up with a theory. We'd been pushing the showfile from main to backup, opening it, editing the display IPs, then taking it online. What we tried was saving it on the new machine before taking it online. We suspected that some data about the machine was being stored in the save file, and until it is saved on the new machine the output is corrupted. That didn't work, but we got some good data. DMX didn't work on the backup after the failover, but it worked after we edited the DMX address and set it back. Then I saved, closed, and re-opened the file on the backup and it didn't work. Editing and resetting the IP address made it work again. I have two questions: A: Is this a known bug? B: Is there a way we can solve this problem? I'd prefer not to have to have our operator edit the show file every day.
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