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Found 3 results

  1. I am working with an older model Barco HDX Flex 20 projector and I need to shutter the projector on and off at times. Has anyone done this that is willing to share how its done?
  2. Anyone manage to get ip control of the newer Barco 30k Lasers? They dont support pjlink, and the usual barco hex strings dont seem to work either. Hell, they wont even let you log into the web ip address unless you know to specify port 9999, which seems to be the pulse address. I also found a copy of the JSON-RPC 2.0. command guide, which it seems to use to communicate, but im not much of a programmer and even copying their example code in many different ways didnt seem to help. My end goal is shutter commands, power would also be useful, but its the only projector ive used that i cant get network shutters. Thanks, -Marc L
  3. Hi, Happy to Join all you experts on this forum. This is Snaido Davis. I am a little new to using Watchout. I would like to know about controlling a switcher controller (Barco Screenpro HD2 Controller) which is connected to a hub via CAT6 to which my watchout pcs are also connected. I have assigned the presets to say 6 buttons on my switcher controller. How do I call them or activate them from watchout? I presume that i should be adding a string output through TCP to the ip address of the switcher controller. Please advise me on the port number and the Data that I should pass to the switcher to activate my switcher preset. Thanks in advance for your help.
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