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Found 9 results

  1. When I place content on the stage by snap-in and check the position, sometimes the x value or y value is 1 px insufficient If the stage scale is large (for example, 1:1), the frequency of occurrence seems to decrease. In fact, it's been quite a while since this error was notified to Dataton Support, and there have been several updates, but it has not been fixed. What makes bug fixes so long?
  2. Hello Everyone, While running an external piece of software that created a virtual real time clock within Watchout (using inputs and goto commands), I observed some unexpected behaviour when changing the time of the clock. Can anyone please confirm that if you change the computers system clock to an earlier time, the Production software Gui appears to "freeze". With the length of the freeze seeming to correspond to the time difference you set the clock back by. Please note, I have only tested this on two versions of Watchout v6.4.1 & v6.6.1 on two non-optimised machines running windows 7 , so it could possibly be a configuration issue. Many thanks for your help. Raoul
  3. Hello Using Watchout 6.5. It seems that when I go into Standby, scrub the timeline, then go out of standby - I get an error that connection is lost and I get kicked offline. Anyone else see this issue?
  4. Hi! Sort of newbie with WO, but I've searched and can't really find an answer. I have live input through a matrix, to my prodPC and two displayPCs. One of the displayPCs works just fine, it's kinda dark, but fixable. On the other displayPC there's a sort of.. Dark layer on top of the live input? There's also a.. String of pixels that looks correct? According to the prodPC they should show the exact same thing. If I look at what the capturecard in the displayPC gets, the picture is fine. See picture. What could be wrong?
  5. Hello, I find a bug of 6.3.1. it 's happed like this. I have a audio track wav file, it is free running and loop , and a pic fade out and pause cue between this audio track. when my pause cue just at the end of pic cue, the audio will pause too. if i just shift the pause cue a frame before or later. the audio will not pause. hope this useful for others thanks Du
  6. HI Everyone, We have an Easter Challenge for you… and the winner gets as much merch as we can cram into a huge Easter egg! You know the mythical stories about holy grails or unicorns? Well, at Dataton we have a bug that has haunted us at least since September 2012, where WATCHOUT was in version 5.2. It is rarely seen, but has been encountered enough times to be confirmed as a bug. The hard part is that it seems like no one has been able to deliberately recreate it. And a bug that cannot be systematically recreated… is very, very difficult to fix. Bug description Cues placed at the correct time in the user interface are sorted incorrectly when saved to the show file. They should naturally be sorted in chronological order, but, for some reason, one or more of the cues gets misplaced. The effect is that the cue exists and usually works but it can be invisible on the layer. The work-around is easy The easiest way to fix this is to select all cues on the timeline (Ctrl-A), cut them out (Ctrl-X) and then paste them back again (Ctrl-V). This action re-orders the cues so that they can be stored correctly in the list. The challenge! Provide us* with instructions on how to reproduce this issue from an empty show. Your reward! The first person to send us a successful set of instructions gets a huge Easter egg filled with goodies (hoodie, pen, tee, iTunes gift card, a bug hunter diploma) and will join the select circle of beta version recipients if you aren't already there! Happy hunting! *Send your step-by-step description to: support@dataton.com with “Easter challenge” in the subject line. We’d love to hear from you sooner rather than later, but there is no time limit on this challenge!
  7. Hello there, I'm facing a strange problem with the new acquisition card VisionSC-SDI4 from Datapath. When something is pluggeg into the first input, everything works fine. I can add/remove SDI cables in/from the other tree inputs, displaying live videos on the stage or the No Signal message if nothing is plugged. But when I remove the cable from the first input, the other three freeze, stuck on the last acquired frame. The live videos resume to their normal behaviour once I plug back the cable in the first input. Note that this issue doesn't exist in the Vision's preview windows tool, only in Watchout. It has been tested with Watchout 6.1.4 and Watchout 6.1.5, on four servers built in the same configuration (mb: Asus X99-A/USB 3.1; proc: Intel Core i7-5930K; 16Go RAM). Has anybody encountered a similar issue? Any idea about what could cause such a behaviour, or how to fix it? Thank you.
  8. Hello all, Here something I found regarding the use of the same video more that 10 times. Appreciate your comments. Thanks https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=r7pEPlhJBvs&feature=youtu.be
  9. Hi, I got a weird problem with my logo animation composition for a 6 projector 360° show. My complete show has 10080 x 1080 pixels, I've created a 5040 x 1080 pixel composition to use it for each half of the show. When I move the second composition to the second half the elements in the compostion move to wrong positions (e.g. to far to the left). I guess it is some kind of bad translation calculation, because if I move move the compostion more far to the right the effect gets stronger. Any solutions?
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