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Found 9 results

  1. SOS We are using an external capture card Avermedia live gamer portable 2 to screen capture a PowerPoint presentation from a separate laptop and then feeding that in as a live video source on Watchout. I am able to see the screen capture on the Display computer in the application that is required by the software. As a test, I can also see it as a source in OBS. I added the capture card under "Video In" through Ctrl-W on the display computer. I then went to my production computer and added a Live Video Media using the settings attached. Every time I go online, and go to the capture card on the timeline, the Display computer immediately disconnects and I get a "Network Error." The output is 1080p@60fps. When I had chosen 1080p and 60Hz, I was getting a rendering error. When I choose 29.97Hz or 30Hz, I lose connection. I'm not sure what is going wrong... The display computer is running Windows 10 Pro version 20H2. My production laptop is Windows 11 Education 21H2. I had also tested it with a production laptop that was Windows 10 Pro 21H1. Could the issue be the different Windows versions?? If anyone has any answers or insight, I would much appreciate it!
  2. Hi, I was wondering if there is anyone who knowes if the Aja Corvid 44 I/O card works with Wathout?
  3. does any one used keynote presentation with watch out, specifically 7680x1024 resolution.. i want to know if i am using data-path capture card can it be possible to get the exact resolution without downgrading presentation quality etc.
  4. I am Building a New Machine and I am vvery confused in Selecting The Capture Card for 4K Output. I Want To Give 4K Output but the thing is it Beneficial to But DATAPATH VisionSC Range HD4+ or Should I buy Vision SC SDI4 as Sdi capture cards are much cheaper. but For the Current & Future Market,Does people Require 4K DVI/HDMI ports or Should I stick to 4K SDI ports.
  5. Hey, Anyone used live feed in their Watchout - I'm setting up a system to bring the video output signal from another computer into my Watchout system. Right now I'm using Black Magic Intensity Pro 4K to capture the output signal, and I can see the captured feed in BM Media Express, but not in Watchout. Under the "video in" menu, Watchout recognizes the BM Intensity as "BlackMagic WMD Capture," which I'm not sure why... I can't see other video device options that can be my capture card other than this though. To double check my display computer can actually see the capture feed, I also test it with Touch Designer, and I can see the captured videos in Touch, although I need to set the "library" and "device" in Touch to the correct ones. So I'm guessing it's something in Watchout that needs to be set? Many thanks!
  6. Hello, I am preparing new instalation where should be possibility of live input from notebook - hdmi. So I have few questions about this topic: Which capture card do you recommend for the lowest delay? Can be also audio "routed" through Media / live video cue? I mean: Notebook hdmi out - Watchout machine capture card hdmi in (watchmaker live video cue) - watchout machine audio out. Or do I have to have separate audio cable from notebook? Is it possible to use live video cue (input from capture card) without watchmaker - with system controled by watchnet? Thank you for answers. Jakub
  7. Hey there. We have recently purchased the ATI Radeon HD6990 with 4x Mini Display Ports and 1x Dual Link DVI Output. We have also purchased the Black Magic Decklink SDI Capture Card for an upcoming gig. As we have just got it all working together we thought we'd put it to the test, only to discover, that the input from the capture card doesn't work over the blended areas, it simply appears blank. Please let us know if there is something we are doing incorrectly so that we can solve this issue. Our proof of this issue is that after going to File/Preferences/Edge Blend and taking the blend out all together, immediately the full capture spans across all the displays. This is something we are hoping to rectify else we will need to pull in the likes of an encore or similar and budget of course doesn't allow. So if you have any ideas, please let us know by responding in this post. Many thanks.
  8. I have got Watchout 5.5 and recently purchased a Datapath VisionRGB-E2S, to add to the existing blackmagicdesign decklink studio card. However since installing the datapath card windows no longer sees the blackmagic. Anyone got any suggestions as to how I can fix this?
  9. Good Day! Hi, I am wondering how to use MACBOOK(PVP) connecting with my WO DVI capture card for live video source? How to set up and add it into the output screen. please advice. Is needed any software setting? ps: Watchout 4.1 with DVI capture card. thanks x1000
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