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Found 2 results

  1. Hey guys, I am a bit lost and can't find the issue here. I got a streamdeck connected to my Production Laptop. I wanted to control some of my Aux-timelines with the streamdeck. But I can't get companion connect with watchout. Here is what I did: - Opened a new Project and checked TCP/IP & UDP Control under settings - launched Companion as localhost with Port 3040 (and tested it with 8000) - created a new module from the "Watchout" Database - Typed in the IP Adress of the Production Laptop (But also tested it without IP) - I also started the Configuration Wizard to see if there is anything relevant. But made no changes. I always get a connection Error when trying to connect and don't really know what's wrong. I did the same thing many times before without such problems, so I can't really see what's wrong here. Hope to get your help for this. Best Daniel
  2. Hi, we discovered free way to send out MIDI/MSC from Watchout via Bitfocus Companion and the module Midi-relay. Midi-relay is a small java app which sends/receives MSC/notes from your midi-interface by getting http requests. For every command there is a button to program in companion, plus sending a String output http request "BANK-PRESS" from WO to trigger that button. It works flawlessly and being able to trigger sound and light is a big step. The detour over companion is quite time consuming, a direct string output would be nice. So far I had no luck sending a POST http-request with WO: MIDI-relay is running on WO-production, port 4000 { midiport: 'MIDI Port Name', midicommand: 'msc', deviceid: 0, commandformat: 'lighting.general', command: 'go', cue: '10', cuelist: '13', cuepath: '' } So the string from WO would be: POST {...} $0D I tried monitoring with wireshark to see what the syntax in WO should be but did not get clear results. Is it possible to send a .json method as a string output at all? I was looking into the the bome-box / network before, but there is no way to send commands from WO production, as serial output is only available on a display PC or with a TCP/serial converter. Or am I getting sth wrong? https://github.com/josephdadams/midi-relay https://www.bome.com/products/bomenet
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