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Found 2 results

  1. Hi everyone, Has anyone else had experience where their Watchout system had difficulties playing Compositions? I have a setup with 1 display computer outputting 3x 720p. It's a good computer i7 3.7ghz 12 or 16gig of ram and an Nvidia Quadro K5000. Watchout v5.5.2 & Windows 7. When I play files inside a composition (size of comp is 1280x720) the computer has a much harder time playing back and chokes and skips frames. But when the same files are not in a comp, they play with more ease and much less dropped frames, if any. We are using H264 in mp4 containers coming from AfterFX or Adobe Media Encoder. I've also noticed that it's not possible to pre-load a composition. Does that mean compostions do not get preloaded? Do compositions bring a performance hit? Would they work better with a different codec? Now for the editing. 1) Is it possible to hold on the last frame of a composition? Just like a normal video file behaves. It would be very handy. Comps always finish with a black frame. 2) It would also be very useful and more clear if the duration time of a comp was its actual end time. Right now, if a file goes past the end time of a comp, it will keep playing until its end and then finish with a black frame. 3) Is it possible, in a composition, to have: Clip 1 running normally but Clip 2 set 2 looping so that when the time reaches clip 2, the comp would start looping that clip until we exit the comp in the timeline? 4) Do the "Free Running" and "Loop" checkboxes of video files insides Comps actually do anything? I tried many combinations and I couldn't figure it out. Looking forward to hearing from you guys! Thanks.
  2. Hello Watchout world. The ability to stretch a video block in watchout is great because the video file remains on its last frame until the playhead leaves the block. It would be great if it was the same with compositions. The problem is that if one puts a video file in a composition and make the composition the exact same lenght as the video file the composition will end in black and not with the last frame of the video file. This can be seen when playing a composition and the playhead reaches the end, it goes to black. But if that composition is put in a timeline then set to loop, the black frame isn't shown so there is an inconsistency and it becomes confusing to use compositions. Ideally the end of the composition would not go to black unless its duration was longer than the video file. Is this possible? Thank you.
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