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Found 4 results

  1. Hi guys, So I'm pretty new to Watchout, just setting my first steps. But I had a quesetion. Are there any specific hardware specs for playout machines? Any parts that need to be maxed out, anything like that? I've build multiple (gaming) PC's in the past, so I have a pretty good understanding of the whole thing. Cheers James
  2. Hello, i work in an audiovisual company in Argentina (mapping and video installations). www.sasami.com.ar We actually own 4 watchout licenses. We are upgrading our 3 display computers. I got budgets based on the 2012's .PDF of this forum. Some components are newer versions of those of the pdf. We only work with XGA projectors (only a few times we use HD projectors). So, our principal need is to achieve 4/6 VGA analog outputs in each display computer (we may have to use miniDP-VGA, DP-VGA or DVI-VGA adaptors) Option 1: -MOTHER GIGABYTE (1150) GA-Z97M-D3H) -1 INTEL CORE I7 4790 -2 RAM KINGSTON DDR3 HYPER-X 8GB 1600MHZ -2 SSD-KINGSTON 240GB SATA3 -1 VIDEO CARD ASUS R9 280X 3GB DDR5 (2miniDP + 1HDMI + 1DVI-D + 1DVI, i think that we may use 4 VGA outputs with this card) -POWER SENTEY MBP-850W -1/2 BLACKMAGIC INTENSITY PRO OPTION 2 (The only difference is the video card): -2 VIDEO CARD SAPPHIRE R9 270X 2GB DDR5 I also found this graphic card with 6 miniDP outputs, do you thing is better than de ones above for 4/6 VGA outputs? -AMD FirePro W600 2GB GDDR5 6 Mini DisplayPort Eyefinity 6 Edition PCI-Express Graphics Cardor -AMD FirePro W7000 4GB GDDR5 4DisplayPort PCI-Express Workstation Graphics Card I hope you can help me. Thanks in advance
  3. My watchout program and display pc stopped seeing each other... I can go 'online'...but then a minute later, I get the red X on the stage indicating that the connection is lost. The display comupter never stops showing the Watchout logo...which it normally does as soon as I go online. I can ping from each box and see the other box... So outside of watchout, I can connect to the other pc, but not inside watchout for some reason. Setup... Running watchout 5.1 on two Windows 7 boxes (one display, 1 program). Program box is getting its IP dynamically, display box has a static IP of There are no other computers on the network, it is a closed network...and there is no internet connection on the network. The hub is a cisco/linksys e4200. Anyone else have a similar problem...and a solution? UPDATE: It looks like my "Session" has become corrupt somehow... If I start a new stage "session", I am able to go online no problem, and display content, and update no problem. So it isn't a networking issue even though that was the error message I was getting. Anyone run into this situation and have a solution for what seems to be a corupt file of some sort?
  4. Hello all, I represent a fine artist who is planning a 300 degree round projection. We plan on using 6 or 7 projectors, edgeblended and feeding a long 'video' (say 8,000 x 1080 pixels). I am researching playback options and WatchOut seems like a great solution. I have a few questions/comment about application that I thought users might be able to comment on; 1) our primary focus is on the visual integrity of the image - a lot of time and effort is put into the quality of the color, contrast, composition etc. The worst thing would be if we had great content, great calibration projectors, and then our playback system mangled the image during playback. To what extent does WatchOut add artifacts? Particularlly when using the geometry correction? 2) Our projectors will actually feature geometry correction as well, or we can choose to do this in WatchOut - considering our installation may move from venue to venue in the future I am figuring it is more dynamic to use WatchOut for the correction but concerned it would add noise. 3) Can WatchOut playback a 10-bit file? We could build our computers to output 10-bit (AJA cards I guess) but the platform would need to be able to play this back, in sync without dropping any frames. I guess fundimentally I want to know if WatchOut can be used in an application where the quality of the image is paramount - while we need to 'stitching' and 'geometry' features to make this work and to be able to be dynamic, that is less important if the image is going to be messed up. Sorry for a long and winding first post.
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