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Found 7 results

  1. Continuous network error, try replacing cables, switch hubs, and PCsI've changed the IP bandwidth, and I've disabled all of the Windows Firewall, but this message occurs about once every three to four hours. In order to play in a normal state again after the message occurs, you need to reload Ctrl+d to play normally. What's wrong with this?Looking at the previous forum, the same symptoms occur when you check the log and proceed with window updates.
  2. WATCHMAKER_00001.logHi, I just upgraded to version 6, WO display become black(no WO logo for long seconds and suddenlly back) and there is an error message on very specific action. From Display "Display 3" of Stage Tier "Base" of StageList of Stage, 2022-03-20 00:44:27 Network error; Display computer: Connection Lost *while it happened - there is a ping between the machines. *The test media is an old file that was played on the old hardware(mp4/wmv 720P). * Double check All tweaks was made by the user guide. 1 . when I am j"jumpimg" with mouse from one video to another. 2. When the que key jump back to the "Time Position" which is the starting point of the video - "loop". The specs are: Display: Intel Core i7 11700 Z590 GIGABYTE DDR4 32G 3600 CLI18 Corsair Win 10 Pro AMD WX-9100 - There are 6 projectors connected with mini-dp->hdmi 1920*1080 Production: Intel Core i5 9400 32GB
  3. Hello friends in my Last show i m using only 1 1920x1080 output with only Hap video on some PNG stills So my problem is in beginning my stage window box where content is playing started blinking like how led tiles lost signal and black patch comes then my production software becoming heavier and started working too slow i had only few hap av's in mean while i did repair watchout and pc restart also but again after some time this problem started and after during the end of show i got error of network signal lost X sign comes on window but still i can operate the show working good in the last i got so many error messages in windows please see the attached error photo what i m assuming the reason 1 .few day before i installed hap encoder plugin for adobe converter 2. Ssd hard drive working slow or corrupted watchout version 6.7 windows 10 pro all tweaks good according your tweaking files nvme 1 tb 3rd gen for watchout samsung ssd for OS 32gb ram amd radeon wx7100 active dp hdmi
  4. During the show , suddenly the screen went blank and automatically connected back again. Found the error in watch out as "network error. Display computer connection lost". Can someone guide me , wwhat could have happened
  5. Hi! I don't know somebody ask this before but I'm in a tight situation. My problem is when I add an audio file to the display and when I go online I get an error of connection lost. but if I drag the speaker out of the display and go online its okay. Anything I'm doing wrong? I need a really quick fix please? Thank You.
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