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Found 5 results

  1. When operating without a production server (aka from a control perspective - cluster mode), load “show name” defines the control cluster members and defines the control cluster master. The control cluster definition consists of the loaded show file’s stage window. i.e. Any valid display server definition (Display - Specification) in the stage window is a member of the control cluster. The WATCHOUT computer address parameters (name - cluster name) are something different from a control cluster. watchpoint will accept new load commands from a valid IP connection or script at any time from any connection, the most recent takes precedence. The load command should only be sent to one member of the control cluster. Since every member of a group contains a copy of the show file, any member can be the master. If you want to change the master and/or change the group, simply execute a load of a show containing the desired new parameters.
  2. Greetings . . Trying to call presets on a Extron DXP HD 4K Plus router. Docs tell me - ASCII commands X17 = Global preset number 1-16 Recall global preset X17. I'm guessing the command could be X17.2$0d Or $58$31$37$2E$32$0d Those and variations return a WO message failed . . . I can log into the router from the pc. I have tried three different port #s. 4523, 4503 extron secure and 23 telnet Appreciate any assistance.
  3. Anyone manage to get ip control of the newer Barco 30k Lasers? They dont support pjlink, and the usual barco hex strings dont seem to work either. Hell, they wont even let you log into the web ip address unless you know to specify port 9999, which seems to be the pulse address. I also found a copy of the JSON-RPC 2.0. command guide, which it seems to use to communicate, but im not much of a programmer and even copying their example code in many different ways didnt seem to help. My end goal is shutter commands, power would also be useful, but its the only projector ive used that i cant get network shutters. Thanks, -Marc L
  4. Hello, I'm in the middle of building an installation that consists of three independent display servers being controlled by an ipad based control system by Kramer. At it's simplest, we are using the ipad to Play, Stop, and Pause Aux timelines with the UI showing the states of the Aux timelines. And ideally a counter showing the time. While wading thru the forum I found this statement: "One shot polls are interrupt based and if sent too often can impact system performance." When observing the packet stream between the program Universe and WO production, it appears that a getStatus query using "2" for the subscription function is sent about every 30 ms. If we do something similar with the Kramer Control system for three display servers and multiple Aux timelines, is there any way to determine what kind of impact that might have? Also, a syntax question: Elsewhere in the forum I came across this specific syntax for a getStatus query: getStatus 1 "TaskList:mItemList:mItems:TimelineTask \"Movie1\"" The users' guide Control Protocol section defines only the basic getStatus command and the expected reply, but not in the detail noted above. Is there a document in existence that shows that level of detail for each command? Or do I need to use a program like Universe to reverse-engineer something similar for Kramer Control? thank you for your help -patrick
  5. Hey all, trying to do some testing for an installation project utilizing (8)Watchout Display servers.... eventually, a crestron control system will manage and trigger WO Timelines etc...targeting different display clusters. Right now, i'm trying to test by controlling a production computer from another PC via a network and telnet on the PC (i.e, Production version of WO is not on same PC as telnet commands) everything is working great, so far. One question though: There will be certain Cues that i've made that i need to jump to a new time position and play the timeline. Is there way to send a ' gotoControlCue' command , and a 'Run' command simultaneously in telnet to the Watchout PC? Thanks for any advice!
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