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Found 10 results

  1. I've had a few installations in the past few months using WatchPax40 and custom-built machines that required master volume control. In WatchOut control protocol, there doesn't exist yet any command that allow you to adjust the system master volume level. The closest you get to achieve volume adjustment is to define an input variable and attach that input to the video's or audio's volume tweening function (or through DMX). And then, you'll get to adjust the level using "setInput" command. In a show that contain dozens of video or audio files, tweening the same variable to the input can be
  2. Hi Everybody, I have some Elation colour chorus lights and I want to control them from Watchout over the Artnet protocol. But the lights doesn't react on any Watchout DMX output. The lights are Artnet ready. I can control them from my laptop with other software, without any controller only my network, the light and my laptop. But I can't get watchout to control them. I'm sending the DMX outputs over the same universe. Does anyone got a solution for this problem? Kind regards, Ryan
  3. Is there a way to trigger standby mode in watchnet? I couldn't find anything in the script section. I've also tried setting my main display server as an external device to send the network commands but had no luck.
  4. Hi, I am trying to control the shutter of a Christie LHD700 (resp. Eiki LC HDT700, which is technically the same projector). I can communicate with the projector via telnet, using the windows console. The commands work fine: 'C0D' for shutter close, 'C0E' for Shutter open. I am using TCP with port 10000, as written in the projector's manual. In Watchout I created a String Output cue (also TCP). I type '$0D' after the command, as requested in several other threads (carriage return). So it gets 'C0D$0D'. Unfortunately I cannot establish a connection between WO and the projector and I g
  5. Using a Crestron system, I am trying to talk to a Watchout System over IP. More specific I am trying to get the status of individual timelines, (Paused, Stopped, etc…).. I received this from a support tech with Dataton. I also have a document with what a response should look like. Example 1: Your WATCHOUT show is named "TestShow" and the auxiliary timeline inside the show is named "Movie1" and you want to know the status continuously. To achieve this you send the following strings (in bold to WATCHOUT display computer by TCP/IP or UDP/IP to port 3039. Note, every line shoul
  6. Hello, I'm working on a musical using Watchout for the first time. The musical director and musicians are using a click track, and I'd like to use that click track (or more specifically, MIDI messages related to that click track) to sync watchout cues to the music. I have Qlab2 or maybe Qlab3 running on a mac mini, and Watchout running on two windows machines. The click track will also have two or three audio files synced to it for playback through the sound system, so I can't have the click track and these other audio layers in Watchout without purchasing an audio interface for
  7. Hi, I'm currently working on a show where we would like the lighting board (Grand MA 1) to trigger Watchout (Production computer). The best options are Midi Show Control and Artnet. MSC to me seems perhaps better because you can recall specific cues. Something that one cannot do with Artnet. Though right now I have a couple issues with the Midi Show Control. I got it to work, even over ethernet which is great but: 1-my show killer at the moment is the RESET command. Because the RESET MSC command stops ALL timelines (Main and Aux) even when the Cue List is specified in the incoming
  8. Hi, This is Snaido Davis. I am currently working on a project where I have 2 or more presenters on stage at different locations who need to control the video content on screen without having to pass on their Ipads from hand to hand. Can a single show be controlled by multiple remote controls if the all have the same project loaded on them? Please advice. Thank you.
  9. Is it possible to have a looping auxiliary timeline and from the main timeline ask it to fade out not just stop. When I did this the loop would just pop of and was a little disconcerting. I wasn't able to find a command to ask the AL to fade, just stop or pause. Anyone have an answer to this? Thanks David
  10. Hello happy Watchout users, I am having an issue controling my Sanyo PLC XP200L via serial control out of Watchout. We are trying to control the shutters on the projectors from WO and we are not getting any results. We are coming out of com1 and our data rate is 19200. WO tells us to use a $ followed by 2 hexadecimal digits. Has anyone tackled this issue? It would be greatly appreciated if you could shed some light on the issue. Thanks, Brent
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