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Found 7 results

  1. does any one used keynote presentation with watch out, specifically 7680x1024 resolution.. i want to know if i am using data-path capture card can it be possible to get the exact resolution without downgrading presentation quality etc.
  2. UPDATE: The links in this post are no longer valid. To download WATCHOUT, WATCHNET or legacy versions of WATCHOUT, use the following links: Latest version of WATCHOUT: https://www.dataton.com/downloads/watchout Latest version of WATCHNET: https://www.dataton.com/downloads/watchnet Legacy versions of WATCHOUT: https://www.dataton.com/downloads/watchout-legacy-downloads General download page (user guides, release notes) https://www.dataton.com/downloads Best regards, ​David / Dataton ------------ NON FUNCTIONAL LINKS -------------- WATCHNET First re
  3. Hi! Recently i just bought a WATCHPAX 4. I was told that WATCHPAX 4 can also be a master and also a slave PC. Currently this is my setup: - 2x Projectors - 1x Laptop - 1x WATCHPAX 4 Right now i can run my show when i'm using my laptop (master) and WATCHPAX (slave) machine. I want to make the WATCHPAX 4 auto-start to run the show without using my laptop as a standalone machine. I just want to turn on my WATCHPAX 4 and the show will start running on it's own. Please advise how do i do it in steps. I tried to understand the startup script but i fail. Thanks!
  4. Hello everyone, Our company's been running a few tests with a few different machines and versions of Watchout 5 / 6, and we've noticed that the WO Remote (https://www.dataton.com/files/watchout/remote) doesn't work on v6. Can somebody confirm this feature is deprecated? Thanks!
  5. Hi Everyone, If you didn't get to Integrated Systems Europe this year, don't despair, you can check out our new booth video on Vimeo and Dataton.com instead! https://www.dataton.com/stories/ise-2017 Regards Jacquie
  6. Dear friends, collegues, customers and partners! As some of you may have heard, am I today leaving Dataton to take up a new position with Barco Sweden on 19/1, as Customer Service Engineer in the Nordic countries. Want thus like to say a big thank you, to all of you that I have been privileged to have contact with during my almost five years on Dataton. Time flies when you have fun! If you want to reach me, I will remain at +46-70-275 69 09 , although for a transitional period I can be reached at +46-73-562 31 35, my private email is jonas@dannert.se and from the 19/1 I will a
  7. Hi Everyone, Dataton is celebrating moving into our new purpose-built HQ in Linköping with Open House on Wednesday May 21, from 1 pm to 5 pm. Click here for more info! Regards, Jacquie
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