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Found 2 results

  1. Hi Guys,I need Urgent Help, I am in a Show,I have 4K datapath SC-HD-4+ Capture Card,I am taking Live Feed From Camera, But I am getting Delay in the Blue Part only (Photo Attached) when I Pan the Camera (All other is Fine) . Can Anyone Help me Why is it Coming I am taking Live Feed from Camera through HDMI. I have put Camera in 1080i /50i and Live feed also in 1080i 50hz. i have tested it by changing frequency to 60hz,59.94hz,50hz,25hz. but there is still delay in the blue Part. server Details: i9 7900x processor asus x299 pro Motherboard wx7100 graphic Card 32 GB ram Please guide. thanks rahul Gauri
  2. Hello, I work with watchout 5.5.2, i like to control light directly with my watchout. I like to control a Robe Cyclone directly by artnet. I can sent de DMX channel but the situation of the robe does´t change before 3 seconds more or less, i dont understand this delay. If i send the dmx chanel with other software (qlc+) it works properly. And if i put a fade 0 to 100 in the time line, its dont work, it wait to dont recibe changes to do the last position. I need to configurate something in a watchout. I have conected a manager and one display. thanks and sorry about my english.
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