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Found 16 results

  1. hi, has anyone tried Enttec DMX USB Pro to control Lights thru Watchout 6? is it compatible?
  2. Hello, I have 102 DMX lights that I have setup to be controlled using Output Tasks. I am using dmxLAN Node 1s on Artnet. I can control all lights with no problem. My issue comes in when some groups of lights (in example, hallway lights) needs to be continuously turned on. When I play the next output task (another set of DMX channels), the current running task/lights will flicker OFF for 2 seconds before it goes on again. In a nutshell, say, DMX 1 and DMX 2 will turn off for a while when i turn on DMX 3. But DMX 3 wont turn off when I play and light that has a lower DMX value. I hope i made sense. Here's a test visualizer I have done to explain this issue further: Is this a known issue within Watchout or do i need to look at other hardwares that might be causing this issue? Hoping to get some thoughts on this. Cheers.
  3. Hello! How much dmx universes I can control via WATCHOUT? Thanks!
  4. Hello, I am working on a project which requires triggering video clips and DMX messages by live motion tracking of a person. I was planning to use Kinect environment, but, I have become aware of the fact that they are discontinued and therefore Kinect would not be a reliable option in the long run. What type of product and platform would you recommend or this kind of application please? Thank you.
  5. Hi! I'm rather new to WATCHOUT program. I have a small show that i'm working on using WATCHOUT. My current problem is that i need to link a DMX controller, SLESA-U8, so that i can play my moving headlight show for an event. I do not know how to do it. Can someone guide me the steps in doing it? Thanks!
  6. hi there with release 5 can i record one by one 110 universe and then play all together? or its too much? how many artnet layer is the limit? thank you for your help best regards
  7. Hi Together, I want to control with the GrandMA 2 a Layer and in this Layer the Color and Opacity. How i can do that? To example i have a white png. Start of song i need this Picture in Blue / Opacity 70% and end of song i want to fade to Red and 100% Thank you;)
  8. Hi Everybody, I have some Elation colour chorus lights and I want to control them from Watchout over the Artnet protocol. But the lights doesn't react on any Watchout DMX output. The lights are Artnet ready. I can control them from my laptop with other software, without any controller only my network, the light and my laptop. But I can't get watchout to control them. I'm sending the DMX outputs over the same universe. Does anyone got a solution for this problem? Kind regards, Ryan
  9. Hello, I have a question, Is it possible to work from watchout with more than one universe,.through Arnet Or just with the universe you set up in preferences. Thank you
  10. Hello, I am consulting this problem with support already, but as we can not find the problem solution/source, I want to ask here if somebody has encountered same problem or will have some idea how to solve it. We have system with one production computer (watchmaker version 6) and two watchpaxes 2. Production computer also controles light over ArtNetDMX. It works just fine. Problem is whan we switch from watchmaker to watchnet. Videos are playing just fine, also pj link commands work, but the artnetDMX doesnt work at all. -------------------------------------------------------- We have tested the network. There is around 200 artnet packets/sec when useing wachmaker and not a single one is comeing out of cluster master watchpax when useing watchnet. -------------------------------------------------------- Here is the procedure we do when switching from watchmaker to watchnet: A) I prepare the show in watchmaker - Just with one image (on layer2, main timeline) and one DMXoutput (on layer1, main timeline). I upload this to watchpax by going online and test it - it works with watchmaker like a charm. Than I go offline and switch watchmaker off. C) I switch on watchnet (on the same computer where the watchmaker was) and I choose Subsystems, add the cluster and than power the watchpax off and on. And than I check if the show is there (by the i button on the subsystem page). D) Than I go to script page and make script out of: ClusterLoadShow (with the force reload) wait (1 sec) TimelineControl Than I ran the script with "Run the script" from the main menu. E) I can see that the picture is projected from watchpax as expecetd, but the ArtnetDMX doesnt work. Thanks for any ideas how to solve this.
  11. Hello, we are trying to control some LED-Lights via Watchout. We got a Kissbox and an Enttec ODE Interface. Controlling the Lights with a DMX-Software over PC is no problem, but controlling the lights with Watchout doesn't work. The DMX Univers output (Watchout) is set to "0", the same setting as the DMX Interface and the DMX Interface is in the same IP-Range as the Display- and the Produktion PC. Has anyone experience with one of these DMX Interfaces and how they should be configured? Thanks Peter
  12. Hello, I need help with a problem I have at the DMX output watchout. When one of the channels is fading out to zero, on another channel there are small variations in level. I tried with change channels and is still happening. The equipment used is: Watchout 5.5.2 DMX Interface Enttec ODE (firmware 2.3) I have reproduced the error because my client also happens in your installation. I have a video with error and photo settings. I can mail the test file and video. Thank you.
  13. I am working on a four display show where we are using four Wybron ForeRunner scrollers with neutral density scrolls to fade the projectors in and out. We are trying to use an ENTTEC Ode DMX node to control the scrollers through Watchout. The four scrollers are daisy chained together. The first three are working without a problem. The one on the end of the chain is the problem. In several of the cues, it will sometimes open a second or more late, stutter as it's opening, open just to close again a second later, or not open at all. It will only do this when one of the other scrollers has a slow fade at the same time (usually the first scroller). Once the other scrollers have stopped moving, it will not move. If I try to move it on it's own or in time with the other scrollers, it behaves normally. I have one aux timeline for each video cue. Initially, I had scroller cues within each cue's timeline. In troubleshooting, I moved them all to one aux timeline that is the duration of the show with all of the scroller cues. This did not seem to make any difference. Our electrics department has also swapped out the scroller, retentioned the scroller, and moved the scroller power supply to minimize cable length. None of this made any difference. Does anyone have any idea what I can do to fix this? Thank You!!!
  14. What am i missing? I´m trying to send DMX over Artnet to an Luminex "Ethernet DMX4 MKII" Network Node. But the Node doesn´t forward any Data shown by an DMX-Testing Device. I made the configuration in the Preferences and created an DMX Output and put it into the timeline. Both Devices have the same Artnet Universe. So far so good. Theres an HP ProCurve Switch between Watchout and the Luminex Node. Watchout creates Artnet Packages, seen by a Network Sniffing Tool. Theres also a Luminex Software Control Tool installed on a laptop, witch shows me, that e.g. DMX Channel 2 gets the correct values i created in the timeline. But all the other 255 channels are also getting any values, shown by a weird blinking in the Software.... Any hints? Thanks for your help... Mip
  15. Dear All, I'm programming DMX strobe light and it doesn't always give me an accurate flash. I'm using DMXKing eDMX1 3pin to send out DMX signal to the strobe light and using its configuration program to test, the strobe light does flash correctly. When I program the strobe light flashing in watchout timeline and loop the timeline, most of the time it flashes 2 times, other time it flashes once, and sometimes it flashes continuously for a few seconds and sometimes it doesn't flash at all. Is there anything that I should check? What could possibly causes this DMX signal so unstable / unreliable? Regards, Lawrence
  16. An great new feature in WATCHOUT version 5.1 is that you can use inputs (DMX, MIDI etc) directly connected to a display cluster (a group of Display Computers) without having to go through the WATCHOUT Production Computer. It is however not enough just to go offline with the Production Computer. You have to "activate" the display cluster first. An easy way to do this is to use the "command file" (see page 247-249 in the manual). You can of course do the same from any external control system. Best regards, Fredrik Svahnberg Dataton
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