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Found 5 results

  1. I use a SOME data provider who also provide a visual HTML based animated presentation module. It al runs as a webpage on standard HTML protocols. I just realised that the Dynmic Image(DI) server doens't support mp4 video, or is it because it nedds a special encoding? I have an example here: https://gfx.tv2.dk/images//SPREDFAST_GFX/BG_LOOPS/SPREDFAST_TEST_1.mp4 Try and paste this link directly into the "Open URL" option on DI. My problem is that it has to be mp4 to work. I have tried to run it through most of the basic browsers, and ot runs fine. Any ideas why I can't get it to work with the Dynamic Image server? Best regards Christian
  2. Hi We have recently changed design in a Watchout show. In the new show, we use our Dynamic Image server more than we used to. We used to present 1 image at a time, typically in a sequence with 5 images played one after the other. The images did a cross fade, so there was ver more than 2 images visibe at the same time. Now we play 3 at the same time. Watchout start out loading and playing out the 3 images, as intended, but after a while, 7-8 minutes or so, the images appear randomly, and sometimes not at all. To ensure stability and to have a simple unifirmed workflow, we have a system that creates the images for the presentation. It crops and scale the image, and wil always save it in the same format, in this case a HD image, 1920x1080 jpg 72 dpi. The only solution we could come up with, that actually works, is to load all dynamic images, used in all the different aux timelines designed, at the same time. For that purpose I made a composition, that loads everything in a corner of an output, that are not shown on any display. You shouldn't have to do that, hence the entire idea about the Dynamic Image server is to prevent such a workflow. I'm totally stuck here.... We're running WO v. 6.1.2. Have anyone else had this experience? Best regards Christian
  3. Hi I want to set up a Watchout Image server, but for a lot of reasons, I want to do it on a virtual server. Since it's a virtual server, I can't plug a license dongle in a USB slot, and start the service. What options do I have, regarding this problem? Or is the only way to establish an old school server? Best regards Christian
  4. I'm not having a gripe about this - yet. But consider the following: A Watchout dongle will run 4 heads of display with the right kit. The Production machine needs a dongle too (Fair enough, so do many other packages) Backup production boxes/displays too. So getting a "key not found" when trying to run the image server outboard from production - which would seem sensible given it may need to access external data which one would like to keep separate from their production network, to me seems pretty pricey. This could be done from the networking level quite safely with port blocking/filtering etc. But I'd be nervous connecting my display/watchout network to an internet connection or anything other than a managed switch - with other data sources safely away from the LAN running watchout. The ideal would be to be able to run the server outboard - but not have to spend a key to do so. Can one run the server safely from their production machine during a show? Has anyone done it? So at a show requiring RSS feeds / twitter feeds etc you need to choose to either run the server from ... backup production machine? If you have one? or sacrifice an entire key to run this thing? If the server is run outboard would it be able to support multiple interfaces (One going to watchout - the other going to the internet?)
  5. Is there a solution to allow a image size through Dynamic Image Server larger than 2048px wide?
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