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Found 5 results

  1. I wonder if anyone has come across this in version 6.2+ or is it just me. I'm working on a script that relies on a lot of dynamic still images. In previous versions from V5 onward it was possible to use an external URL pointing to an image entered into 'Add Image Proxy'. This would call the image each time the script runs, a perfect solution. However I've just tried the same process in version 6.2 and 6.2.1 but after entering a valid URL in the Add Image Proxy dialog box, the media cannot be added. Clicking the OK to add the media results in a “The specified File/Image doesn't exist” error. This process works in versions 5 to 6.1.6 , is this a change or an oversight in 6.2? Tim
  2. Hi Everyone. New watch out user here. After an office refurb we now have 38 metres of video wall spanning round the entire office, with 12 projectors connected to 3 x watchMax servers to display our content. One of the main reasons for this setup was to display our live internal stats reports ( we are an IT company), our dashboards are built in Tableau BI tool and published to an internal server, where they basically reside as web pages. However when pointing the dynamic image server at the URL's for these dashboards, instead of displaying the actual dashboard, we get the server login page, with no way to actually login. I have it working crudely by using a computer screen media within watch out and displaying another PC's screen thats already logged in to the dashboard via VNC, but as we have 10 + dashboards to display, we would need 10 individual PC's each running a separate dashboard, which isn't viable. is anyone aware of any way or workaround to get watch out to display content from a secure (authenticating) website? Thanks
  3. Hi There, I need to run Watchout 5 or 6 together with a signage package. The idea is as follows: The signage program controls several players on which i can schedule video, movies, and much more. But now the customer wants an architectural videowall which can display a video . So far no problem. However depending on some demographic data the video needs to be changed live from , lets say, male to female related content and this needs to be controlled by teh signage software. My initial idea was to have the signage program "dump" the video into a ( network ) folder where Watchout can pick it up. But it seems this can only work with an image ( sequence ) So the watchout videowall must act as a single player for the signage sofware . Any idea's on how to do this? maybe Watchnet? Love to hear some good ideas. Many thanks. Ravian
  4. hi all~! my show is show 30-FHD image file(jpg) via Dynamic Image server. But.. image appears on the display, takes a long time. (over 5 sec.) I want the images to appears a more quickly. how can it be faster? ------------------------------------------- Display server & dynamic image server win7 64bit i7 3870 16gb ram ATI 7970 128g SSD x79 MB gigabit network
  5. Hi, I've successfully established a connection between my Production machine (running 5.3.1) and my Dynamic Image Server (running 5.2, on separate machine). I am able to upload images through the server and put them on my displays. I am having trouble running .SWF files through the Dynamic Image server, though. Every time I try to configure a new DIS Media, I receive this general error message: "From Dynamic Image "[filename]" of Media List, 2012-19-12 10:59:51" I configured my presentation according to the Watchout Cookbook Clock Tutorial, as well as Uploading With A Browser. Does anyone have any advice on what I need to do to make my SWF files acceptable? Thanks!
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