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Found 4 results

  1. Hi everyone. I am using 3 projector blend on a wide screen and all outputs go through the spyder x20, and the blend is being handled on the spyder. I have removed the edge blend on the watchout, however i am certain if I've done it correctly because i get a black line between the blended section. What is the correct way of removing the blend on watchout and how to reverse the one i have done and saved already? Thanks
  2. We are getting a dark streak at the edge blend and even a problem with a hard edge. Any tips??? URGENT, since we have a show going up next week. Watchout v. 5.1 Projectors: Christie DHD 800 We've tried everything in preferences. Thanks!
  3. I am doing a two projector edge blend. I have two Sanyo PLC XP200L projectors (1024x768) with 1" lenses. I have 16 feet of through distance and I am looking to do a 25% overlap. My question is will 25% be enough overlap? I am looking to do a 28' image with the two projectors. If my math is right it would be a 4' overlap (256 pixels). Do you think this is doable? Thanks.
  4. I have a composition set to be free running that covers the full with of a two projector edge blended display. Both projectors are run by the same computer running v5.1 under Windows 7/64. When the composition is set to free running only the first output renders, the other remains dark. As soon as the composition is set to normal the problem goes away. The preview window on the production machine displays correctly. I'm afraid I'm at a loss for what to do. Jim
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