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Found 2 results

  1. Hi! In the end of month I have show that needs 3 projectors blend... I will use 3x Barco HDX-W20 Flex (1920x1200) that I will blend to 5333x1200 px. Problem I have is that I can't render H264 MP4 in that resolution... Max that I get is 4096x920. Quicktime is even more limited - max width is 2000px. Is there any codec that I can use to get such resolution? Best regards, Piotrek, Poland
  2. I’m having a two part problem with edge blending using Watchout 6 The first thing I am running into is that on a multiple projector blended surface the overlapping edges are blending only when they overlap horizontally but not where they overlap vertically. Which leaves very apparent lines in the image. We are blending 3 Mitsubishi projectors together on one surface. The top is wider than the bottom, so the projectors are in an inverted triangle arrangement with two projectors covering the top and one the bottom. All three projectors overlap each other in the middle. The two top projectors overlap each other horizontally around 15% and blend beautiful with each other. The center bottom projector horizontally overlaps the R and L top projectors each around 60%. Those horizontal overlaps seem to blend just fines well. The center bottom projector vertically overlaps the two top projectors at around 65%. The edge between this bottom projector and the top two is where I am getting a hard line. Is there a way to get the overlap to blend over the vertical overlap as well? There is also a second place we are having trouble. The surface is an US drop plus a dimensional section on SL that extends DS and around the legs. Two projectors (upper L and Center bottom) are pointed straight on the flat drop section. The third projector (upper R) is focused on the dimensional section and hung at a 45º angle to the surface. I think because of this angle the edge where this upper R projector blends with the edge of the lower projector the automatic blend gradient is very apparent and the color temperature is very different. II’m not sure this is fixable because of the difference of angle of incidence, but I’m wondering if there is a way to decreases the automatic blend on this edge only? Thanks.
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