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Found 3 results

  1. Has anyone used the Extron 101H EDID Emulators with the Watchpax? We're having an issue where the input side of the emulator "blinks" when the monitor is turned off or changed inputs. We've tried with setting the resolution and refresh rate manually with the rotary switch, and also tried with the "auto" setting, but same result. Does anyone have any suggestions? What EDID emulators have you used that were successful? Thanks, --D
  2. Hi all, I'm setting up a watchout system for a theatre tour. Components: Windows 7 64bit 16 gb ram I7 3770k Asus sabertooth z77 2x intel 520 ssd 120gb Hd7970 dc2t3gd5 Datapath rgb e1 Decklink SDI 2x. Panasonic dz770 Poduction: 1x hdsdi capture 720p50 1x macbook pro capture 1 main background graphic will be used and max 2 duplicate hdsdi captures 2 questions left 1- will my specs be capable of running a smooth wathout show 2- I'm looking for the best solution to connect 2 panasonic dz770 projectors on to my watchout display computer. It will be used for a theatre tour. So no much interference with main power cables etc. My three ideas: - DVI ->. Rgbhv running 50m cable and connected on the rgbhv from the projector - DVI fiber 50m http://www.kramerelectronics.com/products/model.asp?pid=783&utm_expid=56716085-7&utm_referrer=http%3A%2F%2Fwww.kramerelectronics.com%2Fproducts%2Fsearch.asp%3Fs%3DDVI%26src%3D9 - Displayport -> VGA running 50m cable Thanks, Mitch
  3. I'm not sure if any one else using multi-ouputs in v5 has come across this, but I'm trying to get my head around it... My machines all have ATI Firepro V7900 cards for multi-output use. For those who are not familiar with these cards, they have 4x DP physical ports, arranged very nicely across a single PCI plane. Looking at the back of the card, my logic thinks.... hmmmm... Top --> Bottom must either equal outputs 1 --> 4 or 4 --> 1. However, my latest experiences seem to result in some (in my humble opinion) illogic from Microsoft, when assigning IDs to connected displays. Call me crazy, but it seems like Windows 7 'remembers' certain combinations of connected displays, and assigns IDs based on 'remembered' EDID info of those given displays for different combinations. Furthermore, I cannot figure out how Windows 7 determines these assignments of IDs, when it determines and 'remembers' and why it refuses to follow a logical, sequential order. As I've come across these experiences, I have learned to NOT fight the illogic and just take what Windows gives me. Lucky for us, we are able to sort it all out in the WATCHOUT environment. None-the-less, it is very annoying to anal-retentive, engineer, propeller head types like me. So my question to the WO community? Does any one know any clever tricks or have some further insight on how to force Windows to assign IDs according to their physical backplane order? If so.... perhaps, I can take a P-touch labeler to my GFX cards, and be free from Microsoft trying to be smarter than me JJ
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