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Found 12 results

  1. WATCHMAKER_00001.logHi, I just upgraded to version 6, WO display become black(no WO logo for long seconds and suddenlly back) and there is an error message on very specific action. From Display "Display 3" of Stage Tier "Base" of StageList of Stage, 2022-03-20 00:44:27 Network error; Display computer: Connection Lost *while it happened - there is a ping between the machines. *The test media is an old file that was played on the old hardware(mp4/wmv 720P). * Double check All tweaks was made by the user guide. 1 . when I am j"jumpimg" with mouse from one video to another. 2. When the que key jump back to the "Time Position" which is the starting point of the video - "loop". The specs are: Display: Intel Core i7 11700 Z590 GIGABYTE DDR4 32G 3600 CLI18 Corsair Win 10 Pro AMD WX-9100 - There are 6 projectors connected with mini-dp->hdmi 1920*1080 Production: Intel Core i5 9400 32GB
  2. Hi, I'm using WO 6.2. I'm getting this error message when I look at properties for any video files in my show: setting error; Audio "error initialising device" There are no audio tracks in the video files. I've tried HAP and ProRes codecs... same issue. I've never seen this error before. Any ideas? thanks James
  3. I had a show with watch out 5 other day where the I was forced to type exact pixel can some one let me know the cause of this error
  4. I am working with a system of five display computers. One of the computers is transferring files that it does not need for the show. This in turn, is filling the hard drive. Every time I go online the computer wants to transfer files that it has no room to store. This computer is not displaying any of the files it wants to transfer. I have tried updating the cache with no change. Any ideas or thoughts welcome. Thanks
  5. Hello, I'm building an application in which there are 2 major components: a python server, which will send telnet commands to WATCHOUT WATCHOUT Production (Version 6.1.7b2) Although most of the telnet commands were successfully sent to WATCHOUT, sometimes I could continuously see a mystery error which makes me feel a bit worried: [0]Error 7 0 "Application in modal state (eg, a modal dialog)" I've checked the documentation and the "7" here means: "General Runtime Error. Other errors, not covered by any of the above cases. Always described further by a string as the second parameter, as well as further information in the third parameter (optional)." So I guess my questions are: What does the "Application in modal state" mean? Is there anything that I should / should not do to avoid this error? Thanks in advance!
  6. Hi, TouchOSC and Bridge I use to control the show. Watchout reports error message "unable to open midi port". Watchout 6 on Windows 7 and two watchpax. The network allowed all. Anyone have an idea how to fix it? During testing in same network, everything was fine. Thakyou
  7. So I just started playing with Watchnet for the first time and have run into a problem that I am having a hard time finding a solution for. I have been following the video tutorials step by step and have had no issues or errors, up until I try to run a script. Whenever I try to run any type of script, I get the logged error "Not authorized for: gotoControlCue". What would you recommend I should try to communicate with the cluster? My subsystem is online and my .wob show file has been uploaded with no problem. Any guidance would be much appreciated.
  8. Hi, I'm using watchout since 2011 and today I had an error when I was trying to import a Media file. I tried to import a video file compressed in MPG2. I use the same compression recipe and the same compression program for the last 3 years. And suddenly I can't import any of my MPG file. Can anybody help me?
  9. Hello all~ I using 'sensor in a box' on behalf of midi controller. (accent sensor in a box -> Pysical computing with Micro process. similar 'Arduino' http://www.arduino.cc/ ) This device connect at WO5, occur ERROR message. 'midi i/o errir : buffer overflow' What is meant this error message?
  10. Hi, I've successfully established a connection between my Production machine (running 5.3.1) and my Dynamic Image Server (running 5.2, on separate machine). I am able to upload images through the server and put them on my displays. I am having trouble running .SWF files through the Dynamic Image server, though. Every time I try to configure a new DIS Media, I receive this general error message: "From Dynamic Image "[filename]" of Media List, 2012-19-12 10:59:51" I configured my presentation according to the Watchout Cookbook Clock Tutorial, as well as Uploading With A Browser. Does anyone have any advice on what I need to do to make my SWF files acceptable? Thanks!
  11. Please help, Watchout 5.1 shows Quicktime error -50. I converted my movies to quicktime H.264 30fps with Win7. what's problem? Thanks!
  12. My watchout program and display pc stopped seeing each other... I can go 'online'...but then a minute later, I get the red X on the stage indicating that the connection is lost. The display comupter never stops showing the Watchout logo...which it normally does as soon as I go online. I can ping from each box and see the other box... So outside of watchout, I can connect to the other pc, but not inside watchout for some reason. Setup... Running watchout 5.1 on two Windows 7 boxes (one display, 1 program). Program box is getting its IP dynamically, display box has a static IP of There are no other computers on the network, it is a closed network...and there is no internet connection on the network. The hub is a cisco/linksys e4200. Anyone else have a similar problem...and a solution? UPDATE: It looks like my "Session" has become corrupt somehow... If I start a new stage "session", I am able to go online no problem, and display content, and update no problem. So it isn't a networking issue even though that was the error message I was getting. Anyone run into this situation and have a solution for what seems to be a corupt file of some sort?
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