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Found 2 results

  1. hi, I'd like to propose smaller features for a future release. The GUI should always stay simple and that's I think one if not the main feature of Watchout. 1)Using the arrow keys for warping X an Y in the geometry setting. X for left/right (as it is now) and up/down for Y (without having to use TAB to switch between X and Y) 2)not a must but would be nice: Possibility to save the geometry and the edge blend settings 3)Tween Compositions: A possibilty to save a bunch of tweens in to one composition and the ability to apply them to the beginning of a media file and to use the same tween composition in a reversed manner for the end (simple example: tween opacity 0-100 in 1 sec and a button to apply the same from the end but reversed so it actually fades out). this would be very helpful with files of different length. And it could perfectly fit into the GUI without complicating it to much (I could live with a Tween Compostion window like task or input or output). 4) and if 3 is not a way you want to go with your software the least an Auto fade in/out button within the settings of a media file would be great or even as a global setting. best regards Thomas
  2. Now it has been out for while and gaining traction, is there any progress on adding NotchLC codec support?
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