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Found 1 result

  1. I had this issue back in October. I have never seen this before or after this particular show. The issue was when the play-head reached a particular images or videos the fourth display output of four displays completely lost its signal. I had two images and one video that had this issue. Although I worked with Jim Kelner and Paul Johnson to isolate the issue before the show, we never pinpointed the exact cause of the signal drop. We were able to keep it from happening during the event by using the scale tween to flip the image or video horizontally. Once the media was flipped it behaved as expected. I have spent some time today replicating the issue in my office and tracking down the problem. At first, I thought it was a file issue because I was able to get the display signal to turn on if I tweened the file to flip horizontally in WO as well as turning off certain layers in the original photoshop file of the media in question. Ultimately I believe I found what was causing the issue. I had not set the fourth display in the correct stage position. I had placed display four, 4 pixels (stage position 4808px should have been 4804 px) too far to the right and that's why in my video I'm able to snap the photoshop file in either direction. If it was set in the correct place it would only snap to the left. I went back to the original file with all the media and changed the pixel position, took the flip tween off and then everything worked perfectly. https://www.dropbox.com/s/p78sv2hakzc0ow4/20171215_170053.mp4?dl=0 I am still stumped why certain files had the issue and other still and video files didn't. Any feedback or ideas on this issue are appreciated.
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