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Found 1 result

  1. I tried finding a current thread relevant to this topic, but could not. So I figured I would start a new one! I have never tried frame locking multiple mixed format outputs with an s400 card. I remember hearing some restrictions on doing so. What I cannot remember is if I heard the restriction is in WO or ADM or both, whether the restriction is on a single card or extends into multiple cards, or whether the restriction only applies to frame locking cards over cat5 versus genlocking from a blackburst signal. So anyways, here are the questions/scenarios I am ultimately looking for answers to: 1. Can I have 2 different formats on a single card (where an S400 is present and available) and expect those 2 outputs to be frame locked? Example : A 3840x1080 output and a 1920x1080 output. 2. Let's say I have 2 separate cards on 2 separate computers. Both computers have S400 cards and matching GFX card models. All outputs for card #1 are set to 3840x1080 and all outputs for card #2 are set to 1920x1080. I then use the card-to-card frame lock method where output #1 of card #1 is the master, both cards are connected via a cat5 cable, and all other outputs are set to sync to the master. Can I expect a successful frame lock in this scenario? 3. Same scenario as #2 above, but instead of internal frame locking of the 2 cards, I use external black burst as the means of synchronization. Can I expect a successful frame lock in this scenario? Despite responses here acknowledging success, I intend to fully test with an e2 and follow up on this thread with my results. My main goal here is to open the discussion and provide a place for future reference.
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