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Found 2 results

  1. Hi, I'm playing wave sound file in free run mode. It works fine in the producer, the sound does freerun when the timeline hit the pause cue. However, when the sound is played from the display computer, the sound plays but stop at the pause button. Therefore, I can't have any backup sound for my show. I really need the free run option because the next cue can happen at any moment but the sound needs to continue. It's a 260 cue show, troubleshooting live is a absolute no. I really need the display to behave like they should. -I have tried assigning with the name of the display and with the icon placement without any difference. -I have yet to try if it's only assigned to the display instead of both, I will try tonight. Wave file PCM S16 LE (araw) 48000Hz 16bits Any idea why they are behaving like this. On another note, I need to set the preroll to solve the "pop/click" issue at the beggining of each audio clip. I used 2sec of preroll and it solved the issue.
  2. Hey ! I've been having this issue sometimes and it's, bugging me a lot.... I'have a buch of cues, all Freerun and loop, when the timeline comes to a pause cue the media will stutter not all of them but the ones that do it do it all the times... I run a 1920x1080 MPEG CBR 25 mbps file. It's seams that it's related to pre-roll or something of that sort... I'have pretty much tried all that i could like playing with the preroll from automatique to a preset and it's will just "move the problem". But if I pause using SPACEBAR it never doe's it... In the past what solved my problem was that I started a new show, imported all the medias and copied the cues from one shoe to another... We use the same machines and the same compression and about 20% of the time we get this. Any input will be appreciated ! Seb
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