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Found 4 results

  1. Hello! I am running into a possible bug in Watchout 6.4.1 where a pre-loaded video freezes when it is fading up. Running a video before it, preloading the next clip - fading up that cue causes an inconsistent freeze. It seems that it only happens when I am manually pre-loading. The clip that is having the issues is free-running and looping. Thanks!
  2. Hi, First post...no one cares....lol I am controlling a Z400 machine that has a brand new build (OS, drivers, applications, etc.) and the OS has been scrubbed with the Win7 tweak list. I can load a video for testing into all three 1920x1080 outputs, create cues and the whole 9, but when I play back the video from a cue or playback from the beginning of the timeline, the video will play for 15-20 seconds and then freeze. Has anyone seen this issue? This is currently happening on two of our Z400 machines and not all 4 of them with the exact same specs and OS image. Thanks in advance, Derek Z400 Specs ATI 6870 GFX Xeon 3550 @ 3.07 16Gb RAM OS/Media on separate SSDs
  3. Hello there, I'm facing a strange problem with the new acquisition card VisionSC-SDI4 from Datapath. When something is pluggeg into the first input, everything works fine. I can add/remove SDI cables in/from the other tree inputs, displaying live videos on the stage or the No Signal message if nothing is plugged. But when I remove the cable from the first input, the other three freeze, stuck on the last acquired frame. The live videos resume to their normal behaviour once I plug back the cable in the first input. Note that this issue doesn't exist in the Vision's preview windows tool, only in Watchout. It has been tested with Watchout 6.1.4 and Watchout 6.1.5, on four servers built in the same configuration (mb: Asus X99-A/USB 3.1; proc: Intel Core i7-5930K; 16Go RAM). Has anybody encountered a similar issue? Any idea about what could cause such a behaviour, or how to fix it? Thank you.
  4. Hello i hope anyone can help me because i cant really understand the source of my problems , Im using following Setup as Display Computer: W7 64bit Service Pack1 Intel Xeon E5440 @2x 2.83GHz 16Gb ram NVIDIA Quadro FX 1700 4095MB and 512MB Video *************************************** I want to play 7 DIFFERENT Videos on this Display Computer with one Full-HD projector. The reason why i have 7 videos is because i have to map them with the Corners Tween to 7 different canvases. All together they are one full-HD video but they are splitted for the mapping. They got following Formats: 232x1080, 214x1080, 196x1080, 636x1080,196x1080, 214x1080, 232x1080 all together 1920x1080. So in the Timeline i need 7 Layers for the videos. MY PROBLEM is now that some videos freeze after a few seconds or they starting late but never really together. If Im using just one video and duplicate it 7 Times theres no Problem. Also with less videos like 3 or 4 there are no lags. With more layers and more different videos the Problem getting worse. I connected the network cable directly to the display computer without switch. No better result. I tried some different CODECs and bitrate but the Problem is more or less but still there. With Mpeg2 20Mbit/s it takes very long on the display computer to load the frame at curser position but then the videos playing good together. With Quicktime H264 and Mpeg4 its loading faster but the playback of some videos freeze after a few seconds or starting late and not together. Witch Video is freezing is quite random i cant see there a rule or something. My best result with a minimum of lags with: Quicktime with H264 or Mpeg4 or Directly H264 with a bitrate about 10Mbit/s. With more than 7 layers its getting worse again. The DURATION of of my testing Footage was 30 sec and 60 sec but theres was no difference. Low detailed footage with lot of whitespace starts and plays without lags. I tested some different pre roll times with no better result. For me it looks like a synchronisation Problem but at all I don't know really where the problem is. The freeze of the videos seams really random for me. Sometimes a video plays well, next time its freezed for a few seconds and than jumps and plays well again with the other videos. I hope i can show you some video of the effect in the next days. Is there anything i can do or try so i dont have to lower bitrate or use less videos? All together are "just" full HD. I hope anyone can help me Thanks and best regards Johannes
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