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Found 2 results

  1. Hi People, New to this forum, i've lotsa useful info so far but i can' seem to find much on the firepro and sync card. I'm looking at building 2 systems with 4 output to achieve 8 output for driving an led wall setup. It'll be pretty much a 15360 x 860 image size. I'm looking at fitting the system with a ATI AMD Firepro W7000 with S400 sync card. My question is: 1) Does the sync card work at the hardware level to sync up the 2 display machines or do i need some extra bit of software or driver to activate the sync? 2) Is the physical setup as simple as connecting a network cable between the 2 sync cards in both the machines? Is Genlock required for the framelock to take place? 3) Is a pre-spilt MPEG 2 still my best bet as far as video format is concern? All advice is much appreciated! Please let me know if there is anything i overlooked, Thanks.
  2. Has anyone tried using the Blackmagic DVI Extender to display a 1080 Watchout image through Panasonic HD switcher? Can Watchout be set to interlace? I've been able to adjust the display computer display settings so that when it is not running Watchout it appears to work fine (I'm testing by going through the SDI input on a Kona Lhe card into Final Cut, 1080i 59.97). When I start Watchout, the image stretches vertically - what I'd expect from a progressive signal going into interlaced. We have the Radeon 5500 series set to 1080i with the refresh rate of 29hz (instructions from Blackmagic tech support) to get to the 59.97 output. Getting the EDID has been a pain - plug it until it works - I have a Gefen DVI Detective coming in today which should help. Any thoughts? Thanks, James
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