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Found 2 results

  1. Hi all, has anyone had an issue with Watchpax 4 where a large section of a particular display "jumps" up a few pixels (say 10 or so) randomly? At first I thought it was the (active) DisplayPort converters or cable, but after a reboot, the outputs swapped around so Display #2 now comes out of a different physical output (Weird? Related?) on the Watchpax (and projector and cables etc). So I'm fairly confident it's Watchpax/Watchout. Like I say, I'm really thrown by the fact the issue is now happening on a different projector/cable after some rebooting, with the display number being the only constant. I'm running v6.1.6 - it had recently upgraded from v6.1.5 as it is brand new. I'm reluctant to use v6.2 because other parts of the installation need to be v6.1.6 due to bugs in 6.2 with our multi-channel audio interfaces. Only content in the show is 2x .pngs for lineup grids. Four outputs (three rotated 90-degrees, one currently disabled because I'm not using that projector yet!). UPDATE - This is happening on two different Watchpax 4's with different content/setup etc. They came from the same batch. The issue is still on Display no. 2, but physical outputs are different.
  2. Hi, We just recently had a show using WO 6.0.2 with no problems. We had video capture (Decklink) and 1 laptop feed through our VisionRGB-E2S everything worked fine. Last Saturday, we had another show and, using the same 2 PCs (main & backup) we could not capture anything on our E2S, only the camera feed through the decklink worked. We got another PC with an old analog Datapath (VisionPro) and it worked. We now checked ALL drivers, settings... exchanged parts from our various PCs and the only success we had was that we could see the capture after a reboot of the display PC. But only when touching the media item for the first time. Once, we left the media item, the feed never comes back until another reboot. In short, we tried really everything and the only thing that worked, was downgrading our systems back to WO 5.5.2. Now all is working. This seems to be a major glitch in v.6. Is there a fix for it? (I checked an old post with a very similar problem, but we tried all these remedies to no avail - http://forum.dataton.com/topic/424-52-does-not-see-visionrbg-capture-while-51-consistently-does/?hl=datapath&do=findComment&comment=1477) I hope somebody has the answer....
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