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Found 7 results

  1. I want to purchase a new production laptop, I was just curious to know , should i spend more in gpu or cpu? i have two options msi i5 with rtx 3050 8gb ram & msi i7 with gtx 1650 8gb ram Just curious to know production pc uses more of gpu or cpu?
  2. hi, what is the recomended graphic card for 6 displays in one computer ? also for 4 displays. all full hd. thank you, assaf
  3. Hello all I’m a theatre production student at the university of Houston. I’m working with watchout for a production. I’m the departments expert on watchout. By expert I mean the only one who remotely knows how to use it I have done a couple shows with no issues. Out of the blue I keep getting an invalid GPU channel output of error. Steps I’ve take 1 reinstalled graphics drivers (firepro w5100 with 4gb gddr5) 2 switched projectors into different ports 3 recovered display computer to backup that came with the display server. I set the ip and subnet all back up and the two computers are talking to each other I just can’t seem to get past this error.
  4. Hello all, long time listener first time caller. I am looking for some general hardware advice. I am about to upgrade my WO6 display machines with two new machines, and I was wondering if anyone has any recent experience with a new build, and any do's or dont's they may have come across. Also are there any resources or general guidelines around building a display machine from scratch. I realise it is a little bit "how long is a piece of string" but if anyone has any tips, or any recommended and / or tested configurations, I would be very glad to hear them. ( I also understand that Dataton and its recommended re sellers can provide tested hardware configurations, but budget, and the desire to learn more about the hardware, means a build-it-myself solution is the preference ) I am looking at something like the following: - Gigabyte X299 AORUS Ultra MB + Intel i7 7820X - GPU with 4 matching ports ( AMD Radeon Pro WX7100 ) or - GPU with mix of ports ( one of the many GTX 1080Ti options, which is my preference. ) - 500gb NVMe M.2 data drive ( Samsung 960 Pro ) - 256gb 2.5" SSD OS drive ( Samsung 850 Pro) - 32gb RAM ( 4 x 8gb, 3000mhz ) - Windows Pro 7 or 10 plus 850w PSU and rack mount case. Some general questions: - is Windows 10 Pro 64 bit and WO6 stable, or if I should stick to Win7 ? - are there any suggested non-RAID backup methods for the data drive ? ( having read other forums regarding the negative impact of RAID controllers on SSD speeds ) - are there any sync or latency issues with outputs on different port types ( ie mixing DP with HDMI ) Thanks in advance, any and all advice and suggestions appreciated.
  5. I would like to build a new display server with 5 x 1080P outputs. I am considering AMD RX 590 8GB graphics card. Is it OK for the watchout 6 software ?
  6. Hi, When WatchOut playing the movie(h264 or mpeg2) ,Is DXVA working on GPU?? Please see below for the details of DXVA: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/DirectX_Video_Acceleration My PC spec: Windows7 64bit WatchOut version: 6.1.6 Using Graphiccard: AMD fireproW7000 thank you
  7. Im putting together my new systems, and currently use the w7100 with EVGA DP hubs to get 6 sync'd outs. Have been seeing a lot of threads about the Asus HD 7970 and it is drastically cheaper. I was hoping someone could share some insight on the 7970, does it support sync'd outputs? any red flags to know about? my systems are road systems that travel for Large Scale A/V staging and reliability is a must. thanks,
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