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Found 2 results

  1. Hello, I have received content from client in HAPQ that on the import to Watchout brings up Quicktime Error -8961. Has anyone experienced this in their workflow? Content was converted using AVF batch converter on a Mac. Watchout version 6.4.1. We tried to additionally install HAP component but that didn't help. Content does play fine in Quicktime player and VLC. If we re-encode the content with Quicktime to HAPQ then it works fine in Watchout. Any pointers?
  2. We have discovered an issue playing back some content. After running a show for a while, some of the media renders as green on both the Display computers and the Production computer in Stage preview. Once this begins on one piece of media, it starts to occur on others as well. A reboot of the computers resolves the issue, but it is not consistent on the amount of time after which it occurs. All of the media being used is either HapQ or Hap Alpha. Resolutions are 1920 x 1080. During the moment that the problem happens, there are 6 layers of video running. This is an issue that we have seen before with h.264 files, but not yet with Hap. Do you have any suggestions? Thanks, Michael
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