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Found 6 results

  1. Hello all I’m a theatre production student at the university of Houston. I’m working with watchout for a production. I’m the departments expert on watchout. By expert I mean the only one who remotely knows how to use it I have done a couple shows with no issues. Out of the blue I keep getting an invalid GPU channel output of error. Steps I’ve take 1 reinstalled graphics drivers (firepro w5100 with 4gb gddr5) 2 switched projectors into different ports 3 recovered display computer to backup that came with the display server. I set the ip and subnet all back up and the two computers are talking to each other I just can’t seem to get past this error.
  2. Hi All i can only get the mini recorder to Work in WO with one camera direct from HDMI out to HDMI input (mini recorder). i have testet the mini recorder without WO and it Works fine with laptops cameras and scaler. but not with WO
  3. Hello, I just finished installing version 5.5 and everything looks awesome. I'm especially interested in the new URL Image Proxy feature. I'd love to have a URL-based image in my show, but am having trouble figuring out how exactly to network a live internet connection within my local connection to my display computers. Is there a specific way that you would recommend? Thanks, Jeremy
  4. I need to have a minimum of 2 hdmi inputs and 1 sdi input at the same time I wanted to buy two DeckLink Mini Recorder 4K cards, but then I found out that in each of them you can use only one input. It is not possible to find information on other cards, where you can use as many inputs as you want. Maybe my way, this is 2 Intensity Pro 4K and one Decklink Mini Recorder 4K Help me with choosing a capture card. I would not want more than $ 1000 in total. My videocard is w8100, if it's important Thank you
  5. Hi, I'm testing out a new Watchpax unit and was not given any documentation with it. I can only find marketing material on Dataton's website. Do you have a User Guide/Manual for the Watchpax? For example: -Default resolution is 640X480, how can I change it to 1280X720 or 1920X1080? -how do I delete a few files on the Watchpax? I will be testing many different clips and once I'm done I'd like to clean up everything that's not current. Best regards, David.
  6. Hello All, Having issues playing mp4's after doing a fresh windows 7 (64bit) / Quicktime / Watchout install on new computers. any ideas why??? We also have black magic deck link cards installed, could this be an issue??? Have a show in a couple of days, need help ASAP if anyone can assist. Many Thanks in advance. Cheers. Steve.
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