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Found 1 result

  1. Hi all! I have been struggling with a rather annoying thing for quite a while now and i hope someone regicnizes the problem and can help me solve this... here it is: When i take a picture, created in Photoshop, and i make it move across multiple screens from right to left (using position tween) to create something of a marquee effect, i often get a 'stutter' in the movement at random moments. I have tried making the pictures as small as possible (in kB) to make it as easy as possible for WO to create the movement, but this doesnt seem to have any effect. Since i use watchout it combination with videowall a lot (Seamless plasma) the stutter is VERY visible. I have had this issue as long as i can remenber and have seen it using Watchout 3, 4 and 5. Also switching Display computers from Asus Cube PC's (XP) to custom built i7 Shuttle PC's (W7) didn't really do anything in solving the problem.. Am i doing something wrong in using the position tween and should i make the pictures/text move in some other way? or could there be some other setting i am forgetting? Hopefully someone can help me out here.. Thanx! Frank Doeve R&D Communications BV The Netherlands frank@rend.tv
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