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Found 3 results

  1. So I have had my Blackmagic Intensity Pro HDMI capture cards (3) for over a year now, and noticing that when I plug a DVI input into the machine while in Watchout, the machine freezes up and restarts! I have 3 Display machines, same spec, all Windows 7 64bit. When I run a backup system, and split the signal from 1 source (Screenpro 2/Macbook Pro) through a Kramer VM-4HDCP or simple HDMI splitter, the machines both have the same issue and restart. Very annoying and embarrassing when watching the machines boot up across a wide screen. Has anyone else had this issue? What am I doing wrong? If I start machines with solid inout signal plugged in they seem very happy!
  2. I need to have a minimum of 2 hdmi inputs and 1 sdi input at the same time I wanted to buy two DeckLink Mini Recorder 4K cards, but then I found out that in each of them you can use only one input. It is not possible to find information on other cards, where you can use as many inputs as you want. Maybe my way, this is 2 Intensity Pro 4K and one Decklink Mini Recorder 4K Help me with choosing a capture card. I would not want more than $ 1000 in total. My videocard is w8100, if it's important Thank you
  3. Hi All, can I ask for some help on watchout live feed? I'm using a video camerat and intensity pro as the live video source, I can see the live video preview in watchout control screen, but when I push the content online, the display screen doesn't show the live video (other graphic/video files can be showing). I also checked the display window "Video in" menu, it shows in gray color which can not be able to click. Can I know how to solve that? thanks a lot!
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