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    Hi We are installed in a theatre using Version 6 for the first time. We are very familiar with 5. We are wondering if these are software bugs or our particular set up issues. Issue 1: When programming in the display info boxes if i Type 0 in a point to reset changes the numeric keyboard triggers the main timeline. This is as you can imagine extremely frustrating. Issue 2 : Some new media takes hours to cache when adding to the main timeline . Simple PSD files of less than 100MB will not care or seemingly stall upon cacheing. What could be wrong? Ben Chaisson
  2. Hi Everyone, I have been using Watchout (WO) with other staging companys' Spyder systems for a few years now using both v4 and v5 WO. Occasionally there have been some odd flashes on the screen but generally nothing serious, more annoying and unsettling. I don't like surprises. Any odd experiences like that were put down to firmware updates in the Spyder as the display output monitored out of my WO kit were absolutely stable. I have a Lightware 16x16 DVI matrix between my WO kit and the Spyder so I can switch between each output and check each individual output. Last year a staging co
  3. Hello All, Having issues playing mp4's after doing a fresh windows 7 (64bit) / Quicktime / Watchout install on new computers. any ideas why??? We also have black magic deck link cards installed, could this be an issue??? Have a show in a couple of days, need help ASAP if anyone can assist. Many Thanks in advance. Cheers. Steve.
  4. Hello, I work for a video company in Argentina. We have WO 5.1. We recently did a mapping projection with 13 displays. We used 7 Display computers (2 outputs each) and a production computer. We projected 3 walls of an event conference room. The main project size was 12595px X 553px. We splited that main video in 7 parts according to the diferent blendings and wall sizes. At the same time, the main video lenght was 40 minutes separated in 8 five minutes parts. The 7 videos sizes were: 2 videos of 2662x417 splited in 2 parts of 1331x417 each. 3 videos of 1843x553. The codec (conver
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