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    Hi We are installed in a theatre using Version 6 for the first time. We are very familiar with 5. We are wondering if these are software bugs or our particular set up issues. Issue 1: When programming in the display info boxes if i Type 0 in a point to reset changes the numeric keyboard triggers the main timeline. This is as you can imagine extremely frustrating. Issue 2 : Some new media takes hours to cache when adding to the main timeline . Simple PSD files of less than 100MB will not care or seemingly stall upon cacheing. What could be wrong? Ben Chaisson
  2. Hi Everyone, I have been using Watchout (WO) with other staging companys' Spyder systems for a few years now using both v4 and v5 WO. Occasionally there have been some odd flashes on the screen but generally nothing serious, more annoying and unsettling. I don't like surprises. Any odd experiences like that were put down to firmware updates in the Spyder as the display output monitored out of my WO kit were absolutely stable. I have a Lightware 16x16 DVI matrix between my WO kit and the Spyder so I can switch between each output and check each individual output. Last year a staging company here in Australia did not want to use Watchout with Spyder on a project I was involved with because their in-house testing suggested there were 'issues' between Watchout and their Spyder. They didn't explain what issues they had during their tests. Recently my WO kit was used on another job with Sypder and to my knowledge (I wasn't on site for this job) there were no issues. Considering both WO and Sypder are mature, well developed products used around the world and would have been used together many hundreds or even thousands of times, can anyone share their experiences of any 'issues' they've encountered using WO and Spyder and what work arounds they've used to get a succesfull marriage between the two systems? Please post what versions of WO and Spyder you've been using and whether certain versions of either were more problematic than others. I've run this queation past both Dataton Support and our local distributor and they are not aware of anything specific when using WO with Spyder. Many thanks in anticipation for your assistance. ---> Mal Padgett --> Melbourne --> Australia
  3. Hello All, Having issues playing mp4's after doing a fresh windows 7 (64bit) / Quicktime / Watchout install on new computers. any ideas why??? We also have black magic deck link cards installed, could this be an issue??? Have a show in a couple of days, need help ASAP if anyone can assist. Many Thanks in advance. Cheers. Steve.
  4. Hello, I work for a video company in Argentina. We have WO 5.1. We recently did a mapping projection with 13 displays. We used 7 Display computers (2 outputs each) and a production computer. We projected 3 walls of an event conference room. The main project size was 12595px X 553px. We splited that main video in 7 parts according to the diferent blendings and wall sizes. At the same time, the main video lenght was 40 minutes separated in 8 five minutes parts. The 7 videos sizes were: 2 videos of 2662x417 splited in 2 parts of 1331x417 each. 3 videos of 1843x553. The codec (converted with Procoder 3) used was: - Mpeg2: .m2v - 25 fps - interlacing = lower field first - bitrate = 24.000 Audio: - 2 separate audio tracks WAV (16 bit, 44.100) Production computer and display computers: - Intel Core i7 3.07gHz - ram = 2gb - win 7 32 bit - Ati radeon HD 5670 - Windows 7 32 Bit Here is the issue. Each time we loaded a video in the timeline, the response speed of Watchout slowed a bit. When we completed loading all the videos in the WO project, everything became SO slow. I mean, when we press play, the video runs perfectly in all the displays but when we press the space bar to pause the playback it takes about 15 secs (or more) for the video to stop. If we wanted to move the cues of the timeline it also worked extremely slow. We rebooted all the computers, and reopened the project with same results. During the essays we pressed play and the video playback was ok until minute 35 (of 40) when the displays started to loose a bit of synchronization. To avoid this we inserted a pause and play cue in the middle of the video and that worked to avoid desynchronization. Yesterday i tried to do all the project again and tested performance. When i loaded about 4 videos of this kind in the timeline, i saw a bit of latency in the production computer to pause playback, resize cues, scroll the timeline, etc. I hope you can understand me (my English is not the best). If anyone see what things we are doing wrong or what could be our problem please answer this topic. Thanks in advance. Julián.
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