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Found 5 results

  1. Hi Guys,I need Urgent Help, I am in a Show,I have 4K datapath SC-HD-4+ Capture Card,I am taking Live Feed From Camera, But I am getting Delay in the Blue Part only (Photo Attached) when I Pan the Camera (All other is Fine) . Can Anyone Help me Why is it Coming I am taking Live Feed from Camera through HDMI. I have put Camera in 1080i /50i and Live feed also in 1080i 50hz. i have tested it by changing frequency to 60hz,59.94hz,50hz,25hz. but there is still delay in the blue Part. server Details: i9 7900x processor asus x299 pro Motherboard
  2. Hey, Anyone used live feed in their Watchout - I'm setting up a system to bring the video output signal from another computer into my Watchout system. Right now I'm using Black Magic Intensity Pro 4K to capture the output signal, and I can see the captured feed in BM Media Express, but not in Watchout. Under the "video in" menu, Watchout recognizes the BM Intensity as "BlackMagic WMD Capture," which I'm not sure why... I can't see other video device options that can be my capture card other than this though. To double check my display computer can actually see the capture feed, I a
  3. Hello, I have managed to have 4 layers of different NDI applications within watchout. I have a live feed from an iPad Camera thru an NDI app, 2 desktop mirroring (wired connection) and 1 Live feed camera connected via hdmi onto to an NDI enabled laptop. Connections are straight-forward thru a local gigabit network. All having static IP. frame rates set to 30fps. My issue, everytime I trigger these on my main watchout timeline, all 4 screens will play but will only playback 1 at a time intermittently. playback lag are between 30 seconds to 1 min. Once all scr
  4. I need to design a system that will project a series of text entries from an online database (50,000 separate lines of text, for 30 seconds each). I would like the text to be stored online and be drawn down as a live feed for the projections. I would also like to display the text online, synchronised with the projections on site in real time. The show runs each night for a few years, during which time there will be power outages, or other down time. If the projection system goes down, the text feed needs to pause and then start again from that point once the system is back up. The ques
  5. Hey, I'm struggling to get a live feed working into Watchout and I'm running out of ideas. I'm taking a sony CX130 out 1080i 59.94 to a Black magic SDI converter, which is plugged into a BM Decklink Studio 2 SDI in for a watchout machine with 2 outputs. Media Express finds the signal just fine, but the live feed media object in Watchout remains blank. I have the Decklink studio capture set to live-in 1 on the display computer, and on the production computer I have have set the target device to 1, SDI video, input 1, video standard 1080 59.94. I've tried interlacing, switching recognized HD
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