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Found 13 results

  1. Hello, I'm trying to capture HDMI using the DeckLink Mini Recorder 4K . With this card we can capture one or the other, HDMI OR SDI, not the two at the same time its a one input card. This means WO will only see it as one digital input device. The card works as it should on Media Express capturing SDI or HDMI All ok until here. The thing is. Even if on the display control panel Blackmagic's app the HDMI input is selected. This card always defaults to SDI on WO. I'm missing something here? Is there any workaround? How can I capture HDMI using this card in WO6? Thanks
  2. Hi wonderful Watchout user form, I am designing a show and using 4 live video feeds being imported via a Blackmagic Design Decklink quad on a very new PC. The video feeds are giving me error messages stating - Error: No Video Input: 2 even though I can receive a video signal. The video does indeed work but stutters badly and sometimes drops out. The cameras are all capturing at 1080i 60fps and are new 2014 camera models. We have the cameras connected via their HDMA output and going through a powered HDMI to SDI converter which then goes into the Blackmagic Design Decklink capture card. Can you please help me with any advice on what I might be doing wrong? Or what I might be missing? Any help is appreciated greatly. Sean
  3. I had live video working on my ShowServer Cube with Watchout 6.4, with a Magewell PCIe capture card a few days ago and prepping for a show opening, but now it is not working. I have tested as much as I can fathom - used the exact setup as last time, tried different cables, different cameras, different ethernet to production computer (I did not try swapping out cables to projectors/ displays), restarted the computers, restarted the files, created a new production file with new camera input, and tried switching the input numbers on the display server (from none to 1 which is the capture card). The last time live video was working the camera image was a bit blurry, and someone mentioned that it looked like a clock issue. Would that mean that there could be something wrong with the capture card? Would there be anything else that I could test? Any thoughts would be MUCH appreciated! Thank you!
  4. This is a follow up to a previous post I made here. I RMA'd the Intensity Pro 4K and it was replaced with a new unit. Yet I'm still experiencing the same issue I did with the previous unit; unable to use live video sources above 720x480i resolution. I've tried changing the video standard with lower refresh rates and "other" to no effect. The card was tested with Desktop Video 10.9.7 (latest version at the time of writing). However, the card works with Resolume Arena 5 at 1080i 59.94Hz so I don't think this unit is defective. At this point I just wouldn't use any more Blackmagic products with my set-up. Edit: Replaced the Intensity Pro 4K with a Magewell Pro Capture Quad HDMI. Everything's working great now.
  5. Hi, I wonder is it possible to integrate Live Video to Watchpax? is it the USB port can be act for input? iskdps
  6. good day to all . I have a problem with WO v 6.1.2 I can not see the live video in the production computer , I only see white icon , could you help me? it is noteworthy that already enable live video option in the menu Preview and capture.
  7. Hello, we need to use 2 simultaneous live video SDI inputs with a ThunderBolt capture card using only 1 port. We saw the BlackMagic Ultrastudio 4K and asked BlackMagic support if this could work, but they said it was not possible because of the bandwith of the ThunderBolt port and because their device dosen't allow this. The only cards they have that do this, are the Declink Duo or Quad. Looking for Thunderbolt cards i ended up with the AJA Io XT, https://www.aja.com/en/products/io-xt#overview. Does anybody tried these capture cards? Do you know if it works with WatchOut? Regardless the TB bandwith, because we usually use 720p to capture video inputs, so maybe the bandwith is ok for that video resolutions. Thanks in advance.
  8. Hi I'm facing a problem, which is probably workflow/user generated. I create a new task with a live video input. I fade it up from zero to e.g. 1 second, and then pause it, with a Pause action in the timeline. When I continue playback, I have placed control cue, which makes the cursor jump to zero, and the pause. The problem is when the users open the show, all the tasks are set to stop, and I know it's done so, so none of the tasks contribute to the show. Until they are activated and played out. What we see is, that when you fade up a live video signal, and the timeline is set to "stop", the fade up flickers and lags, and sometime just jump to a 100%. Is there a method, e.g. starting the fade up one second later, so you don't experience these issues, when you start up a new show? I have to mention, that when it have played out the first time, the task is set to pause at zero, and then it works fine from there. Best regards Christian
  9. Hi, We are working on putting some live video into our show. We received our new display computer with 3 DVI outputs for our three projectors We had the system built for us with Black Magic capture card When I went into the display computer to negotiate the SDI signal going into the black magic I had to un plug the 3 DVI outputs and plug just the monitor in the Center DVI output now the main projector is thinking that i have a hi definition monitor hooked on to it and projector has an improper size Now i cant seem to make it return to the way it was.... I also had no luck adding live video there are so many variables which have to be bang on My camera is SDI 865x480 or 16/9 Show is thursday .... Help! rob
  10. Working on putting out some fires, wondering if anyone's got experience capturing audio from the Intensity Pro HDMI capture cards. I don't have a way to test myself right now, just trying to orchestrate a backup and can't find info on this. Thanks!
  11. Hi On our next production with live video on stage, we would like to run the cameras and WO through a video switcher in order to reduce latency. Now we have been looking at the BlackMagic ATEM swtichers but they don't seem to have any snapshot/preset feature so controlling anything other then basic switching from WO (or any other show control software) would be hard. Does anyone know of some similar devices that can store a series of setups and then recall them via some kind of open protocol? Must have SDI IO and preferably hdmi All other ideas on how to do this are also welcome. Regards Nikolai
  12. First off, thanks for all the answers to other member posts on here guys. There's a lot of great info that has kept my work flow going because I was able to find an answer rather than post/comment. That said, I do have a question. I have a 1920x1080 60hz VGA input coming into my Vision capture card. Vision recognizes the input correctly and I have assigned it as Input Device 1 in Watchout. When I load up my timeline, I am able to see the input but it does have some "jaggy" image issues when playing power point fades or video through it. So, I figure I can deinterlace it to solve the issue but, when deinterlacing is applied to this input inside Watchout (both on good or best quality), the input feed completely disappears (however, if I exit watchout on the display machine, vision viewer app still shows the feed). When I remove the deinterlacing, the input comes back in watchout. Here is my Live Input settings: Input Device: 1 Signal Input: RGB 1 Video Standard: 1080p 60 Preview: Thumbnail No Edge Trimming Dimensions: 1920x1080 (WO 5.3, Windows 7, WatchRack) I'd really like to get deinterlacing working to solve the screen tearing. Any idea where I have gone wrong?
  13. Hi All, can I ask for some help on watchout live feed? I'm using a video camerat and intensity pro as the live video source, I can see the live video preview in watchout control screen, but when I push the content online, the display screen doesn't show the live video (other graphic/video files can be showing). I also checked the display window "Video in" menu, it shows in gray color which can not be able to click. Can I know how to solve that? thanks a lot!
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