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Found 3 results

  1. When operating without a production server (aka from a control perspective - cluster mode), load “show name” defines the control cluster members and defines the control cluster master. The control cluster definition consists of the loaded show file’s stage window. i.e. Any valid display server definition (Display - Specification) in the stage window is a member of the control cluster. The WATCHOUT computer address parameters (name - cluster name) are something different from a control cluster. watchpoint will accept new load commands from a valid IP connection or script at any time from any connection, the most recent takes precedence. The load command should only be sent to one member of the control cluster. Since every member of a group contains a copy of the show file, any member can be the master. If you want to change the master and/or change the group, simply execute a load of a show containing the desired new parameters.
  2. Hi all, I'm getting an error message from Watchout when trying to load a show. I start from an unloaded display, and when the load command is sent, I get a quarter second of "verifying" which is then replaced with "aborted". The display then sits there until I try again or go online with the production software. My message being sent (from packet sender) is: authenticate 1\rload "COMPNAME" true true\r I've tried loading following the unload command, loading following a reboot, and loading following being previously online from the production machine. I've changed which machine I am trying to conduct the show from. I have 3 machines in this cluster, with 4 video outputs each. Any thoughts from the group? Thanks, Bryan
  3. Hi all, Is there any way to remotely trigger a relaunch of Watchout display software on a display machine? The only way I know to do it is accessing the computer directly (or through VPN). I'm looking to try to add it to a control panel. Running Watchout 6.7.
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