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Found 3 results

  1. Hello. Everyone on the forum I want to hear from you. The automatic edge blending of the watchout works great when the projectors are horizontally and vertically aligned. However, when the projector is not aligned, automatic edge blending is applied in only one direction, and normal edge blending is not possible. For this reason, I have to create a manual mask in the stage-mask tab or create a mask in another program and use it. The manually created mask does not properly handle the corners where the mask overlaps, resulting in poor blending effect. Can you share some tips or how to create a mask?
  2. Hi, I'm trying to add a image proxy to my show. Manual says something like this: My case is the third one- I will need to replace the file later. So I added a proxy image to my show, with path in display computer and file transfer method set to manual (like on page 141). After updating show the image appeared. So now the later time has came, and I need to replace the file. The image have the same size (I mean resolution, not file size af course) and extension but after starting show (there is external control over tcp so after turning display computers over wol, the command is being sent to start the show), the image is still the old one. So am I doing something wrong, or do I not understand "manualy replaced at later time" in right way?
  3. Hi, I'm testing out a new Watchpax unit and was not given any documentation with it. I can only find marketing material on Dataton's website. Do you have a User Guide/Manual for the Watchpax? For example: -Default resolution is 640X480, how can I change it to 1280X720 or 1920X1080? -how do I delete a few files on the Watchpax? I will be testing many different clips and once I'm done I'd like to clean up everything that's not current. Best regards, David.
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