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Found 10 results

  1. Has anyone successfully projection mapped a 3d object with a minimum of 2 projector, then rotated the real world object and linked the rotation to the 3d model rotation tween layer in Watchout while keeping the mapping calibration? Would this work? A typical example would be a car on a revolve, 3d projection mapped from 2 projectors, the revolve would be turning slowly. The encoded positional data of the revolve would be linked to the rotation tween track for the model of the car in WO so the model mimicked the position of the actual car. Would the initial projector calibration stay valid through a full 360 degree rotation. How would the masking work? I've seen this done with other media servers but budget demands we find an affordable solution, hence the question if WO will do it. Any insight would be appreciated. Thanks
  2. Hi I have seen it done before but can not for the life of me remember now how it was done. I have a 18 projector mapping to be made and would like to know the best procedure for using two production machines, one to map left side and the other to map right side simultaneously (two operators) . How can you do this and then afterwards merge the shows and mapping data to one production machine. Many Thanks Matt
  3. Hello, Was just playing with the 3D projection mapping tool. I see that sometimes when I map it to an object, the actual projector gets lost in 3D space and I am unable to find it. Is there a way to "gather" the projectors? or have a list of what projectors I have, so that I can edit them via the list? Since I am already asking a question, I might as well ask another... How can I be certain that when I import a 3DS file, that it is placed at a Z of 0. In my tests I found that my content, and my 3D object were aligned in the X and Y axis, but not the Z. Thanks!
  4. Hello all. I'm a newbie here so I apologise if this question has an obvious answer or has already been answered in a different thread. I've looked at the tutorials on the Watchout website and I still cannot answer my question. So.... Is it possible to map multiple objects individually or would they all need to be in the same 3D model. For example if I had an object centre stage, one stage left and one stage right. Could I then reposition these objects and realign the maps accordingly. Again, apologies if this is obvious. I'm trying to workout if Watchout would be right for my projects. Many thanks James
  5. Anyone have a clue why I am loosing mapping on the Projector that I am swapping? The display computer should not see a projector swap as it has an emulator. This has happened 3 times now on different positions (running 8 Christie DWU675-E projectors) And I have to redo the mapping on the swapped projector (and yes I am saving the file once mapping is corrected) Any clue would be much appreciated
  6. As the market change ('cause that's what final customers ask for) Capable 3d and mapping softwares are more and more used for performances, And now working with media files made "in point of view" of the projectors, even with the grid warp deformation of watchout or of projector become difficult and very long to setup, with very complicated mapping shows. the time between setup a system and the show itself has shorten. these days production companies rent a hall, convention center rooms, for 2 or 3 days . 1st day is setup of evrything, video, watchout etc...and rehearsals the same day, and the 2 days of show. for long period installation watchout is perfect but most of the time it's for short or one shot performances. watchout is most of the time very easy to setup and one of the most stable softwares i've ever work with. watchout can make a 22 000 px X 1080 so easily. i'm a watchout user since 10 years now (i remember my first shows with G4 macintosh...ol'days) So what's the problem now ? i think of several things some of them have been already told in the forum but... sorry for repeating. 1- to be able to see the grid mesh deformer on the display itself (should b helpfull...) 2- possibilty of drawing bezier masks or shapes in watchout (i had a show one month ago, with sort of organic shaped screens, and it could have been so great to have that option.in real time. 3- the 4 corner option was a major feature, but i had to put my show entirely in compositions and then use the 4 corner option to deform the way i want (not very simple) maybe enhancement for that option would be great. same deformation option as the screen itself (perspective, full etc...) 4- the mapping "dossier" : i'm sure you already think about something for next version of watchout... and what to do to modify an object texture, it's uv coordinates etc...to give a part of the job to the video technician, some kind of remote module where it can handle deformation. 5- importing a 3d object was a pain in the ass with previous versions of pandora, they have change that stuff and now u can import simple 3ds files. and then mapping medias become more efficient. i'm not sure but the uv coordinates must be done first or you can modify it after imorting (i've played with pandora sometimes but very ugly, complicated and unfriendly interface ) GPU are so powerfull now, i'm sure it's possible to use that power. i remain a fervent user of watchout since beginning as it is the most simple, reliable, hardware independent, system i know. So what can we expect for wo 6? Thanks for reading and sorry for this long list of questions... Tak K. 6- maybe a way to work with two master computer on the same show, to gain time for big performances (and let us sleep one hour or two hahahha)
  7. Hello i hope anyone can help me because i cant really understand the source of my problems , Im using following Setup as Display Computer: W7 64bit Service Pack1 Intel Xeon E5440 @2x 2.83GHz 16Gb ram NVIDIA Quadro FX 1700 4095MB and 512MB Video *************************************** I want to play 7 DIFFERENT Videos on this Display Computer with one Full-HD projector. The reason why i have 7 videos is because i have to map them with the Corners Tween to 7 different canvases. All together they are one full-HD video but they are splitted for the mapping. They got following Formats: 232x1080, 214x1080, 196x1080, 636x1080,196x1080, 214x1080, 232x1080 all together 1920x1080. So in the Timeline i need 7 Layers for the videos. MY PROBLEM is now that some videos freeze after a few seconds or they starting late but never really together. If Im using just one video and duplicate it 7 Times theres no Problem. Also with less videos like 3 or 4 there are no lags. With more layers and more different videos the Problem getting worse. I connected the network cable directly to the display computer without switch. No better result. I tried some different CODECs and bitrate but the Problem is more or less but still there. With Mpeg2 20Mbit/s it takes very long on the display computer to load the frame at curser position but then the videos playing good together. With Quicktime H264 and Mpeg4 its loading faster but the playback of some videos freeze after a few seconds or starting late and not together. Witch Video is freezing is quite random i cant see there a rule or something. My best result with a minimum of lags with: Quicktime with H264 or Mpeg4 or Directly H264 with a bitrate about 10Mbit/s. With more than 7 layers its getting worse again. The DURATION of of my testing Footage was 30 sec and 60 sec but theres was no difference. Low detailed footage with lot of whitespace starts and plays without lags. I tested some different pre roll times with no better result. For me it looks like a synchronisation Problem but at all I don't know really where the problem is. The freeze of the videos seams really random for me. Sometimes a video plays well, next time its freezed for a few seconds and than jumps and plays well again with the other videos. I hope i can show you some video of the effect in the next days. Is there anything i can do or try so i dont have to lower bitrate or use less videos? All together are "just" full HD. I hope anyone can help me Thanks and best regards Johannes
  8. Hello WO community, first sry for my bad english, i try my best and sry if the topic was discussed before but i did not find a satisfying solution. I'm new to WO and by now i tested most of its features. No my question is: Is there a way to do mapping inside of a single Display Area like common mapping software can do or do i need such a software additionally? My goal is to use only one projector for 3 thin but very high canvases. The canvases are parallel but moved in x and z position. It's clear that i could do this perfectly with three Displays, doing the perspective correction individually but in the current situation i only have one projector. thx for help and best regards Johannes
  9. Hi, Here's a link to Vimeo footage featuring projection mapping with WATCHOUT on a 90 m facade in Brazil. Thanks to Peter Lindquist at KJPL, Sao Paulo, for sending the link. http://vimeo.com/39366357 Regards, Jacquie
  10. Hi, Start (or finish, depending on your time zone) Friday with some great viewing on Vimeo: http://vimeo.com/36431260 Dataton WATCHOUT was supplied by SAV and the show covered a massive 77 x 10.5 m projection area. Regards, Jacquie
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