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Found 4 results

  1. Hello guys, I've having difficulties with the mask feature. I'm trying to set a simple left/right blend for a two-projector setup (auto-blend isn't sufficient) and I can't get the UI to do what I want. First of all should I be running in online mode? That's what I did with the geometry feature which worked as expected, I could choose a geometry, play with the point and see the changes in real time. Now for mask if I add one I don't see anything happening on the projection. I have to click and drag in the canvas ui to have the green outline appear and then I have no control over it. am I missing something ? I feel like I had to go online-offline to have anything react. If someone could walk me through the process of adding a mask, editing it and deleting it that would be great. I searched but every video I found of someone using the masking process it all shows in real time like I expect to act. Thanks
  2. Hello. Everyone on the forum I want to hear from you. The automatic edge blending of the watchout works great when the projectors are horizontally and vertically aligned. However, when the projector is not aligned, automatic edge blending is applied in only one direction, and normal edge blending is not possible. For this reason, I have to create a manual mask in the stage-mask tab or create a mask in another program and use it. The manually created mask does not properly handle the corners where the mask overlaps, resulting in poor blending effect. Can you share some tips or how to create a mask?
  3. LKY


    Hi all WO users! I am new to WO and I am currently trying to build an interactive media. My target is to create a mask to trigger both a static image and an image sequence together, imaging there is a dark building without any lights at the background, we will see the building lights and an animation (same composition) if there is a circle mask hovering on top, I have luck to make a mask to see the static image on the building, however, I am having issue to reveal the animation, does anyone have any tips? Thank you!
  4. Hi I'm in the process of creating a new WO show for a TV studio. The challenge is, as always, money. That means that they want to build a huge video wall with varied resolution. It will be build with LCD cubes, and the part in the middle will be HD. The two sorrounding areas will be app. 400 px, or less, in the height. The main challenge is the transport of graphic elements between the different areas. I have already created the animations. and it works ok, but it looks weird, because of the different resolutions. So the idea I have tried to go with, is blurring the graphic, and make it look like an effect. So when the animation stops in the HD area, the blur will be faded of. In After Effects the idea looks great, but I have no idea how to replicate it in WO. I have tried to fiddle with all the tween effects, and tried to mix them, but no luck. Have anyone tried something similar earlier, or have an idea 'bout what to do? Best regards Christian
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