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Found 2 results

  1. hi, I'd like to propose smaller features for a future release. The GUI should always stay simple and that's I think one if not the main feature of Watchout. 1)Using the arrow keys for warping X an Y in the geometry setting. X for left/right (as it is now) and up/down for Y (without having to use TAB to switch between X and Y) 2)not a must but would be nice: Possibility to save the geometry and the edge blend settings 3)Tween Compositions: A possibilty to save a bunch of tweens in to one composition and the ability to apply them to the beginning of a media file and to use th
  2. I had this issue back in October. I have never seen this before or after this particular show. The issue was when the play-head reached a particular images or videos the fourth display output of four displays completely lost its signal. I had two images and one video that had this issue. Although I worked with Jim Kelner and Paul Johnson to isolate the issue before the show, we never pinpointed the exact cause of the signal drop. We were able to keep it from happening during the event by using the scale tween to flip the image or video horizontally. Once the media was flipped it behav
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