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Found 5 results

  1. I had this issue back in October. I have never seen this before or after this particular show. The issue was when the play-head reached a particular images or videos the fourth display output of four displays completely lost its signal. I had two images and one video that had this issue. Although I worked with Jim Kelner and Paul Johnson to isolate the issue before the show, we never pinpointed the exact cause of the signal drop. We were able to keep it from happening during the event by using the scale tween to flip the image or video horizontally. Once the media was flipped it behav
  2. Hi, Hopefully I am just missing something simple. I have a machine with a SSD system disk and a RAID array of multiple SSDs to give my display machine lots of media bandwidth (I plan on playing multiple HD videos at once). Is there a way to move the cache folder to another location? I want the cache to be on the RAID rather than the system disk. Do I just have to move the whole application folder there? Seems like a preference setting would be in order, but I can't find that. Thanks, Eric.
  3. Is there a way to get media thumbnails to appear for mp4 files in the media window? I can see them for mov and still image files, but most of the time we render to mp4 due to easier support for more file specs, and it is difficult to work without being able to see thumbnail previews. any advice would be greatly appreciated! thanks
  4. Hi, I'm using watchout since 2011 and today I had an error when I was trying to import a Media file. I tried to import a video file compressed in MPG2. I use the same compression recipe and the same compression program for the last 3 years. And suddenly I can't import any of my MPG file. Can anybody help me?
  5. Is it possible to rename a media item? I'm working with Chinese text, and because I don't speak chinese I would like to rename them to keep track of them in the midea window.
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